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Fri 11 May 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Despite the sun growing closer to the horizon, there's still enough light to illuminate the well trodden bike trail among the Oakhurst Forest. Despite the efforts of Mr Pristine and Helen Comaire The Oakhurst Forestry and Culture protection commission keep the woods well maintained.

Tristan and James cycle behind Duncan as they reach the top of a particularly hilly bit of tack. They've both been rather quiet since you started, Tristan sullen and angry while James just looks troubled, his brow furrowed as he stares at Oakhurst town from the vantage point.

The whole town stretches out infront of you and you can even see the twin towns of Pont Mountain in the distance.
Duncan Wright
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Fri 11 May 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Half way up the hill Duncan switched his bike into a lower gear, stood up, and pumped down on the peddles with the weight of his body. James was the biker. Tristan the general athlete. The symbolic of their allowing him to take point was appreciated, because either of them likely could have overtaken him in this physical endeavor. At the top of the hill he settled down into his seat and coasted to a the crest of the hill and stopped.

Following James line of sight he looked out over the vantage point and took in the view. He was quiet for a while, steadying his breath and heartrate. Enjoying the feel of the hormones rushing through him. Even as trouble worried and anger blazed in shadowy corners of him mind, though the feelings were not his own. After a time he did speak though.

"You can talk to me about anything. Both of you."
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Sun 13 May 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Another flare if resentment from Tristan and he grunts somthing Duncan can't decide is positive or negative. He mutters somthing about "scouting ahead" and pedals off down the track.

James shifts in the seat of his bike and takes a drug of water. He swallows then sits in silence for a moment.

"My parents are thinking of moving..."
Duncan Wright
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Sun 13 May 2018
at 17:23
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan continued to peer out into the distance, studying it like a general inspecting the battlefield he was preparing to fight on. At least until James spoke up. There was a brief delay as he shifted from introspection to listening mode. Turning, he maneuvered to face his companion. It was hard for him not to go into problem solver mode and try to fix things. But he did not know if this potential event was something James wanted or not. So Duncan tried to maintain a mostly neutral disposition.

"Is there a reason for this proposed move?"
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Tue 15 May 2018
at 16:57
Oakhurst Outskirts
James snorts a laugh but there's little humour in his voice when he speaks."There's several! Let's start with the rampant homophobia or maybe the batshit crazy bible pushers in this town?"

It's a rare day that anyone hears James swear but he barrels on despite it.

"Do you know last night our house was defaced? For the fourth time since we moved here? Fucking Pristine..."

He grinds his teeth together and Duncan see's his knuckles whiten as he grips the handlebars tight. Suddenly he turns towards Duncan on his bike.

"Speaking of...What's this I hear about inviting Pristine the younger to your little crew?" His tone is light but Duncan notices his knuckles are still white.
Duncan Wright
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Tue 15 May 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan watched James, listening as he shared his frustrations with the environment and told of the attack on his home. A place that was supposed to make one feel safe. He seemed sympathetic. While Duncan was, in truth Duncan's own emotions were mostly muted compared to those he felt from others. Everyone else felt so strongly, while he was stoic inside.

He did not say anything initially, intent on letting James say what he needed to. Then, when he spoke of Pristine's offspring there was a brief warning in Duncan's expression. Something that cautioned against questioning his judgement. But it faded quickly and he spoke placatingly.

"Her name is Mara. You should talk with her some time. She has more in common with you than her father. Imagine if you were that man's son."

There was not much of a pause before he shifted focus back to James, his voice becoming more encouraging and dynamic now.

"I have a box of wireless cameras you can connect to your phone or computer. Easily concealable. How about we finish the ride early and set them up around your place? Next time you can have something to show the police."

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Sat 19 May 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
James pauses for a moment, thinking on what Duncan said then he nods "Sure...It's something to do anyway..." He shook himself and suddenlt he was back to his normal easy going manner.

"Hey so changing the subject...There something up with Tristan? He uh...was a bit more scowly than usual,,,"
Duncan Wright
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Sat 19 May 2018
at 19:34
Oakhurst Outskirts
When James seemed amenable to his proposal he offered a singular not of confirmation, then pulled out his StarCraft themed smartphone and typed out a quick text to let Tristan: Going to end ride early. Meet up with us. I will explain.. Then the phone was tucked back into his pocket in time to respond to the question about Tristan's change in behavior. James received an 'I know, right?!' type of look that was expressed in Duncan's body language as well.

"Olivia has been spending a lot of time with Bella from homeroom. He seems upset by it. Been trying to talk to him and Olivia about it but they ninja whenever they think I am about to bring it up."

Then, conspiratorially, he continued ...

"I think we should try to get the three of them hooked up. Screw traditional relationships. Though I don't know much about Bella ..."

Duncan added the last bit, indirectly inviting James to share anything he might know.
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Wed 23 May 2018
at 09:23
Oakhurst Outskirts
He laughs for a moment and then stops and looks at Duncan, eyebrows raised "You're serious? Damn...Not sure if Tristan is the kind to share...Especially if Olivia's gone behind his back...Might put a damper on any potential relationships..." He pauses again, his eyes thoughtful "But I can kinda see it...I'm on board..." He seems happier after getting his confession of his chest or maybe he's just glad for a distraction...

OOC-Feel free to call the scene there or continue on to meet Tristan at the start of the bike trail
Duncan Wright
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Sat 26 May 2018
at 22:19
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan didn't laugh. Or show any signs of mirth r amusement after his scheme was voiced. A signal nod of confirmation follow James' question about him being serious. Then when the other youth decided to join in on the plot his eyes brightened in a way that made his face light up. There was that affirmation of positive emotion. But no smile. Duncan never smiled. A vibration from his pocket signaled an incoming call on his phone. He took it back out and saw a message from Tristan.

"Alright. Let's meet Tristan at the start of the trail."

After putting his phone away and taking a drink of water from a bottle Duncan started off down the hill. Coasting at first then peddling with a purpose. Leading the way ...

That is a fine place to end it. We do not need to RP putting up cameras.
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 15:42
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan,Tristan and James arrive at the latters house and Duncan see's what James was talking about. A faint but large smudge on the garage door indicates where grafftit was once sprayed. It's highly doubtful whatever it was was particularly flattering.

It's not the only time this has happened.

Tristan bites the inside of his cheek and casts a sidelong look at Duncan while James pointedly ignores the mark.

He looks like he's about to say something but his phone rings just before he can start and he glares down at it in irritation before answering.

"Anyway, I'll catch you guys later, You going to the tree planting thing tomorrow? I might even be able to convince my dads to allow a few drinks..."
Duncan Wright
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Tue 5 Jun 2018
at 00:42
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan wasn't actually looking for the remains of the graffiti. He saw it tensed at the sight of the smudge knowing what it was but his gaze moved on. He made it. When Tristan received his call and said he was going to bug out, Duncan gave him a look that said, 'Really? We just got here.' It lasted a moment, long enough for Tristan to register, before fading away. A nod followed his friend's query about the tree planting. He had brought the idea to the GSA and conservation group. The council had talked about it's true purpose at their meeting today. Why wouldn't he be there? Duncan's response was casual though.

"We helped organize it. Of course I am going to be there."

The comment was followed by a raised hand and a wave goodbye.

"See you tomorrow."

Then he shifted his attention over to James and hefted one of the straps of his backpack, which contained the cameras he had brought with them.

"Got some ideas where we can put these?"
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Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 20:57
Oakhurst Outskirts
Tristan answers the phone and speaks into it irritably. Talking with James, Ducan doesn't hear the first few sentences but Tristan's emotions paint a pretty clear picture.

Annoyance and resentment for the first few sentences.

Then a bolt of fear. Cold and awful as Tristan stiffens where he stands. It hit's Duncan square in the gut and Tristan breaks off a second later.

Not a moment later another wave of unbridled terror, worse than the one before crashes down. It's from somewhere else, Someone else...Not Tristan...

It feels like Olivia...
And it makes Tristan's fear seem pale and insignificant.

It crescendos and then falls silent and the link with Olivia snapping like old twine and then...


Nothing but Tristan's panic.

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Duncan Wright
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Fri 8 Jun 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
The weird thing was Duncan had initially bit down the idea of teasing Tristan about Olivia calling him when the phone rang. Even without knowing who it was. It seemed a poor choice in action given how he had been feeling about Olivia lately though. Then he felt that familiar resentment, confirming who it was on the other end. The emotion distracted him from what he was doing with James. He seemed more distant. Then the fear hit him. Duncan's muscles tensed all over. His face was suddenly intense. The conversation continued, maybe, as though he were only half aware. His body on autopilot while he tried gain some bearing on the fear and figure out what was going on.

Mentally he began to reach out towards Tristan, then terror, like a rain of spears made of ice stabbing into his nerves. Duncan tilted his head, as if listening to something he could barely hear. Olivia? His own panic gripped him. Immediately his attention was diverted from Tristan. He needed to find Olivia. Following the psychic tether he tried to follow it to it's sauce. To peer into her mind. To know where she was, what was going on. But as he scrambled along the tether it suddenly tightened then snapped. Duncan seized up, in the middle of whatever his body had been mindlessly doing by rote and instinct. He cringed, hands rose to his face then cried out in anguish as though his eye had been ripped from his skull. Duncan fell to his knees, screaming unintelligibly, then yelling into his hands.

"Where is she Tristan?! Where is she?! We have to find her!!"

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Sat 9 Jun 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Tristan is pale and drawn yet still talking into the phone. He starts talking but his words are lost in a storm of anger smashes into Duncan, battering his psyche. He hears a deafening roaring in his ears as Mara pours furious rage over the link.

So strong is it he gets flashes of actual images, hazed and distorted but still recognizable.

Tristan is nearly shouting into his phone "Bella! Bella, Calm down where the fuck are you? Where is Olivia?"

James is glancing between the both of you, not knowing what is going on.
Duncan Wright
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Sun 10 Jun 2018
at 09:49
Oakhurst Outskirts
It hurt so much. How could anything hurt so much? Duncan's face was hot and wet with tears of pain and grief. He knew what the pain meant. What that snap, that disconnection  meant. It could only mean one thing. The normally composed teen was screaming into his hands. His hands pressed to his face as though he were trying to staunch the bleeding of a gaping wound in his head. Duncan couldn't stop screaming and crying. It was about to over whelm him. He felt the creep of unconsciousness closing in. Then the fury hit him and Duncan clutched hold of it. Anything was better than what he was feeling. He let the fury fill him. The screams stopped suddenly. His body was tense, like coiled spring. Then he began trembling, as though the unnatural rage was too much to hold in. Duncan used the rage to keep going.

His breathing was pants. Deep windy huffs.  Duncan held tight to Mara's anger and absorbed the images and sounds pushing their way into his mind. Feeding on that anger, following it back to the source, he sunk himself into the consciousness it came from. He tried to draw strength from Mara, the poured himself into her. Searching her senses and thoughts for answers. These two things were linked. He knew it. He needed them to be.

OOC: Duncan is going to use Streaming (he gets a +1 to this) to Gaze Into the Abyss and try to read Mara's thoughts in order to get a better understanding of what is going on with her and the events around her current circumstances. I rolled an 11 for that.

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Mara Pristine
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
In reply to Duncan Wright (msg # 16):

Duncan sees what Mara is looking at. A man, maybe someone he...or maybe she recognizes as one of Pastor Pristine's flock. Mara is standing over him, the rage pouring from her as ever growing cold.

He knows, he knew, he always knew!-came her thoughts.

The desire to watch the numbness over take him and cease his blood flow, to numb his fingers, toes, arms, legs. To make him feel as if every breath was a labor. To feel so much nothing-expect for pain. Every movement, every heartbeat is a cause of slow agony.

He's killed! Make him face his crime! came more thoughts, sounding more like screaming winds and thunder than a girl's voice...

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Duncan Wright
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan stopped breathing for a full minute. There it was. Confirmation from Mara's own eyes. Olivia's death was a reality that made his heart sink and hurt. He had already known, he just didn't want to admit it. Or think about it. Now something needed to be done. Duncan began breathing again. His hands fell away from his face, limbs still trembling. Face tear streaked and eyes red. But his voice was steadier now.

"I know where Olivia is now Tristan. Make sure Bella is alright. They were friends. Olivia would want us to make sure she was alright."

The teenager's voice was distant. As though he were talking to himself aloud, rather than another person. His thoughts only partially there with his body. Slowly he rose from his  bent over kneeled position. Slowly, as though with an effort. Panning his head he began to look around. As though searching for something. Then settle on a place in the distance and seemed to peer though object to whatever he was looking at.
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Sat 23 Jun 2018
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Oakhurst Outskirts
Tristan nods at Duncan, a bit frantically, trying to juggle to conversations at once, The one with Duncan and the one with Bella.

"Sure sure, No not you Bella, Duncan's here too-Where are you? Calm down just Calm down! Tell me where you are...Whose face? Just wait Bella-Hello? Hello?" Tristan looks down at his phone, frustrated as he frantically starts dialling numbers again.

He speaks fast to Duncan, words tumbling out as he frantically gives a status update
"She hung up on me! Goddammit she sounded real scared...something about a face? But she called an ambulance so there's still hope for Olivia right?"
Duncan Wright
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Mon 25 Jun 2018
at 07:37
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan was practically vibrating with Mara's death-amplified-raw-nerve emotions, caged and channeled in his head. Like some kind of twisted battery that was keeping him running. Keeping him conscious. The trembling was visible. As though he were freezing, or holding some primal rage at bay. His eyes had the classic thousand yard stare. Like he was looking through everything and everyone. Seeing something else.

"Olivia is dead."

His voice was dead pan. Stating a fact and nothing more. Duncan couldn't let himself ruminate on that an what he really felt. Then he'd loose Mara's rage. That death-anger was the only reason he was still standing. But it was a marrow deep cold and he wasn't sure how long he could hold onto it. He needed to make things happen. Get things done that needed done. Languidly he looked to his car. He had dropped his bike off at his own in place for the motorized vehicle. Duncan then looked to his shaking hands. They were like shadows behind the sensory input he was getting from Mara. There was no way he could drive like this. Turning his head he looked to Tristan, busy with the phone. One quaking hand slip into his left pant pocket. Jingling keys were extracted, then tossed towards James.

"We need to go pick Mara up. You're driving James. Head towards school. I will direct you as we get closer."

Without waiting for a response, he moved to the passenger seat.

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Sat 30 Jun 2018
at 08:24
Oakhurst Outskirts
Within moments their hightailing it towards the school, James displaying a suprising talent for high speed street to street driving.

"Duncan, What the hell is going on? What do you mean Olivia's dead?"
Duncan Wright
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Tue 10 Jul 2018
at 10:03
Oakhurst Outskirts
Duncan had a distant look to him. He wasn't paying much attention to what was going on within the car. Landmarks outside and from Mara's perspective were what he was focusing on right now. It too a lot to focus. The youth's brow furrowed when James questioned him about Olivia. He didn't think too hard about the question, or his answer. Right now instinct was driving him more than anything.

"She is dead. Someone killed her. Save the questions for later. I need to concentrate."

His lips purse and he turned his head to the side. Pointing down an upcoming street.

"This way, Turn here."