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Cast List
Here you will find information about each member of the pack.
Sarah Winters
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 Shadow Tager
Thu 7 Jun 2018
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Sarah might best be typified as the "girl next door" cute. She's small at 5' 2" with the lean physique of a long distance runner. Her thick mid back length blonde hair is normally tied back into a long pony tail. She has ice blue eyes. She's most comfortable in jeans and T-shirt type clothing, and almost perpetually wears boots and men's watches. She dresses up pretty, but feels awkward, especially in revealing clothes.

As a Tager she's 6 and a half feet tall, very muscular in tone, retaining a wiry physique. Her skin is deep mottled grey, the spines lining her body in purple. Her eyes are soft yellow.

Sarah used to be bright and bubbly. The soul of the party. Conscientious in her work, her attention to detail was what stood out. Now...her personality has turned darker. She has no problems killing these days and the smile is mostly gone...only reappearing around her new family in the pack. She's spent a long time preparing for being joined and is utterly dedicated to the cause and the Eldritch Society. Her conscientiousness as a police officer has translated into being almost studious in her killing.

As a uniformed police officer, just out of training, one of her first call outs was to the location where Children of Chaos activities were taking place. She started seeing some patterns and linking cases together. Her path often crossed the paths of the Eldritch society, sometimes making it to places before them, and sometimes after them. Despite threats to her family and superiors to make her back off from the terrors, she continued.
Her parents were abducted by Dhohanoids, and enough clues were left to bring Sarah to them. Their intention was to murder her parents in front of her, making her watch before killing Sarah themselves. The eldritch society intervened. Too late for her parents, but just in time to save Sarah. They would have killed Sarah too, were it not for the fact that she fought the Dhohanoids, even while being terrified in their presence.

It led to her induction into the Eldritch society where she has been training to be host to a Tager. Her joining is in the recent past. She's still new to the job, but seems almost frighteningly competent in killing and subduing individuals for interrogation.

She might be the surgical strike component to the team. Also useful in reconnaissance. She's not terribly useful when the big guns need to be used, but in staying out of the way and finding out who is who, she might represent a large piece of the puzzle. She's a team player, and while she can work on her own and almost has to from time to time, she's much happier working with the pack.

She is a beat cop in the Chicago PD. Her brothers are active military overseas.

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Kelsey Worthington
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 Spectre Tager
Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 16:56
Kelsey Worthington stands 5’ 10” tall but thin, the build of a model.  She is natural beauty with green eyes and long dark hair.

Kelsey is friendly, sometimes overly so.  She is gregarious and often the life of the party.  It often seems that she had never met a stranger.  She has a long history as a party girl including the tendency to make some bad decisions regarding men and illegal substances.

Kelsey didn’t know her father until later in life.  She was born in Massachusetts and raised by her mom who would only tell her that her father was unlike any other man she had ever met.  After boarding school and spending some time abroad, Kelsey had come home to the states and was living in New York, a struggling model.  An older attractive man approached her in a bar one evening but that was not unusual.  The man was, however, very unusual.  He didn’t come on to her.  He genuinely seemed interested in talking with her and getting to know her.  The man was Marcus St. Xavier, sorcerer, former Children of Chaos member, Thog-Manna Dhohanoid, Founder of the Eldritch Society, and her father.

Marcus revealed little bits of information to Kelsey over the next month.  He carefully recruited her.  She had been a self-absorbed brat for most of her adult life, but Marcus showed her a different way.  A way that she could make a true difference in situation that needed individuals with a deep commitment.  He also revealed that he was her father and what his role was in the Eldritch Society even eventually showing her his Dhohanoid form.  Kelsey was the last person that Marcus spoke with before ritualistically taking his own life.  The next day Kelsey informed her superiors that she was ready to undergo the rite.

Kelsey is the recruiter and designated team leader.  The team leadership role is difficult for her, given her insecurity, but one that she feels would make her father proud.

Kelsey’s special skills are her social abilities, including her Persuasion and Seduction.

Kelsey’s mom disappeared while Marcus was recruiting Kelsey.  Marcus said that he believed that it was possible that the Children of Chaos had taken her, but he hoped not.  Kelsey looked for her after her father had died and she had become a Tager, but to no avail.

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Louis-Ferdinand de Gisors
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 Callsign: Gilgamesh
 Efreet Tager
Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 17:10
Physically he's a handsome blonde young man of average height and a quite athletic build, although not overly bulky - which belies his true strength (partially due to his Symbiot). He tends to wear elegant tailor-made clothing, although he has also several changes of clothes acquired at goodwill to help with being discreet on missions.

Personality wise, he's stubborn and proud, and places great value on his personal honor. One could also call him arrogant and overconfident and not miss the mark. But he is also strongly loyal and is will risk his life without hesitation to protect a friend. He does speaks English fluently, although he does have a noticeable French accent. Fanatically devoted to the Eldritch Society and its cause, he sees himself as something like a modern knight, with all that implies both in terms of personal honor as well as brutality when necessary. Not exactly the subtlest of persons - he understands its value and can be subtle, but as the saying goes - when all you've got is a hammer...

Dhohanoids killed his parents, he tried to find out what those were and get revenge and got discovered by the Eldritch society in the process.

He is a heavy combat Tager, a walking engine of ruin and destruction. His role is being death incarnate, capable of fighting any Dhohanoid - even one of the dreaded Zabuth - on his own. As a noble dilettante he lacks a lot of marketable skills, having spent times other spent learning actual jobs going skeet shooting, mingling at parties or being an amateur athlete. This, combined with the extra training received from the Eldritch Society makes him pretty good at his primary role, as well as fitting in rather seamlessly in a crowd when in his human form, giving him some value for reconnaissance.

He's very loyal to the Eldritch Society. Scratch that. You know the insanely fanatical (or fanatically insane, it's sometimes hard to tell) members of the Children of Chaos that Tagers are likely to encounter in their line of work? The cultists who devote themselves fully to their cause without the slightest bit of hesitation or remorse, or even care for their own lives? Louis-Ferdinand is exactly like that, but devoted to the Eldritch Society. And then he became an Efreet. "Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant Dhohanoid. Purge the unclean." anyone?
Jaek Kwan
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 Mirage Tager
Tue 12 Jun 2018
at 16:50
Jaek Kwan is 5'9, has short but wavy brown hair and hazel green eyes. He is mixed race, his mother is of Norwegian ancestry and his father is of Korean ancestry.

Jaek is guarded when talking about his life and experiences. He takes his time when committing himself to anything in his daily life. Weighing all possibilities to determine their outcomes. In combat he is a much quicker decision maker, but still more cautious than the average Tager.

Jaek was recruited by the Eldritch Society while in the Army. They used a selection process he still can't figure out

As a Mirage he is capable of taking on nearly any role. Any truly special skills Jaek has would be his surveillance, stealth and observation skills. These three skills combined can make him an effective sentry, point-man or intelligence gatherer.
Madeline Bennett
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 Callsign: Alice
Sun 17 Jun 2018
at 15:51
Madeline Bennett is a thin, pale redhead in her early-to-mid 20s. She is almost always on a laptop or mobile device, and though she sometimes lacks in social skills, she is a talented hacker and the pack has come to count on her to watch their backs as the pack's operator.

Madeline was recruited into the Eldritch Society after hacking into various Chrysalis Corporation systems and coming across information about the Transfiguration Project and the Corporation's connection to the Children of Chaos, information that almost cost her her life. Now, as an operator for the Eldritch Society, Madeline continues to mine information from the Chrysalis Corporation, while supporting the activities of her pack.
Daniel Deleon
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 Callsign: Yaqzan
Sun 17 Jun 2018
at 16:10
Daniel, a former correctional chaplain who ran afoul of the Children of Chaos, is the pack's lorekeeper, in charge of conducting research, recording the pack's activities, reviewing each pack member's journal, and providing counseling--group and individual--to the pack members. He appears to be in his mid-30s and is of indeterminate ethnic background. He apparently has a family that he had to leave behind in order to keep them safe from the Children of Chaos, a fact which grieves him immensely, though his faith as a Muslim and the sense of purpose and duty he has found in the Eldritch Society enable him to keep going.

He is calm, patient, and understanding, and the pack members find him easy to talk to and confide in. He insists on accompanying the pack on their assignments, driving their specially outfitted van and assisting Madeline with her duties as an operator. When not on assignment, Daniel is generally found in his library, doing research, brushing up on the various languages he knows/is learning, and reciting the Qur'an.
Nikita Bliss
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 Vampire Tager
Wed 20 Jun 2018
at 22:30
Nikita is exceptionally charming, charismatic, and brilliant but there is something just not right about her that stands above even being a Tager. It's hard to put a finger on it but something is off about her. To her teammates she is their best friend but she has a sadistic streak a kilometer wide on missions. She has to be held back at times from spilling blood that doesn't need to be spilled and there are nights when she goes off on her own, comes back with a smile, and simply doesn't talk about.

She is incredibly focused which enabled her to make it through Uni (she made it into Cambridge at 14 with five A* Levels and graduated top of her class). She didn't care about the awards so much as the adulation. Due to her prodigious intellect, ability to focus herself, and a photographic memory she completed degrees in Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology in record time because the one thing that truly fascinates her is Space. It was her remarkable academic prowess that put her on the map of the Eldritch Society.

She was born 21 years ago in Inverness Scotland to Liam and Maria Bliss who also had a set of twins two years later. She has nothing to do with her family these days. She stands 168cm and weighs 9st 1 lb. She has jet black hair and heterochromia - one eye is a very pale blue and the other a vivid violet.