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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 07:01
RTJ and Character Creation
Welcome to The Morrow Project JR-V13! This will be a roleplay-heavy game centered around a small group of volunteers who are attempting to rebuild the United States after a nuclear apocalypse against overwhelming odds.

A full set of requirements and setting rules can be found here, but the basics follow:

  • Human
  • Seasoned rank
  • No Arcane Backgrounds or other supernatural Edges, Hindrances, etc.
  • No serious mental or physical flaws (see link above for details)
  • No magic, mutations, or other supernatural abilities.

Your character is part of a team that has trained together for at least one year. Each team member has a designated position within the team (Team Lead, Scout, Contact Specialist, Security, etc) as well as a specialization that aids the Project's goals (Governance, Communications, Economics, Agriculture, etc). Consider these roles and where your character fits in.

RTJ format should be:

Desired Team Position:
Higher Education: [Degree] in [Major] from [School]
Character History: [Character background details]


Guy Ecsampel
Desired Team Position: Engineering Specialist
Higher Education: Masters in Applied Physics from Louisiana State University
Character History: Born in Samplesville, Louisiana... and so on.

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Mon 16 Apr 2018
at 10:49
RTJ and Character Creation
Currently Filled Team Positions:

Team Lead : Jeremy Holmes
Medic: Sam Li
Engineer: Samuel Martin
Driver/Scout: Jason Couch
Quartermaster: Alex Harrison

Team positions other than Team Lead can (and often should) have overlap.
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Tue 1 May 2018
at 18:27
RTJ and Character Creation
I will be making selections for the second team today.
Jeremy Holmes
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Wed 2 May 2018
at 02:02
RTJ and Character Creation
I ran into an odd hiccup with Martin - the Gadgeteer Edge mentions needing Weird Science as both the edge and the skill...I understand the 'arcane background' edge but not the skill requirement. Hope I explained my own confusion well enough here. ;)
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Wed 2 May 2018
at 03:29
RTJ and Character Creation
Ignore both requirements. Arcane Backgrounds are disallowed for this game. The Weird Science skill is an "arcane skill" functionally identical to the Spellcasting and Faith skills required to cast the spells associated with the Arcane Background (Magic) and Arcane Background (Miracles) Edges.
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Wed 2 May 2018
at 03:30
RTJ and Character Creation
Update: Haven't finished with team selections yet, so no notifications have gone out. I'll make the selections/send out the notifications tomorrow instead. Apologies for the delay.