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Thu 5 Apr 2018
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Setting and Request to Join (RTJ)
Welcome to the world of techgnostic espionage!

In this game, you will play an Angel that has recently voluntarily or involuntarily chosen to be independent of the God-Machine and, as a result, Fell.

We will be using the Demon: The Descent core book.  Another book that may be useful at this point is Chronicles of Darkness.  Of course, the World of Darkness core book is a must.  Other books may become applicable as my acquisition, perusal, and comprehension progresses.

Your characters must have fallen in Manila, Philippines on October 2012.  It may be a Third World country but that's the setting I find appropriate for this game.

Let's start with a character concept and your Demon name and work our way from there.

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The Storyteller
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
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Setting and Request to Join (RTJ)
Remember that, when making your character, your Concept is actually reflective of your Cover.  So are the majority of your Skills.  Your Attributes are your Demon's raw abilities as an Angel.  You have 4 Skill Specialties, 3 of which were most likely used by your Cover.  One, however, was used by the Angel that you are and so would seem strange for your Cover to possess (read: Cover threatening).

You may NOT purchase Eidetic Memory as Demons already possess this.  You also have a knowledge of ALL spoken languages in the world as of the setting (2012) so Languages and Multilingual are unnecessary as well.  However, when learning historical languages, the Language Merit may still be purchased.
The Storyteller
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 06:38
Setting and Request to Join (RTJ)
The Fall is very important.  Your character's compromises and breaking points will be highlighted.  Take note that your answers to these questions may not be changed once the game begins.  They are NOT your Aspirations.

• Who did you share part of yourself with when you first Fell?
• Who doesn’t know, but suspects you’re not human?
• Who could give you up to the angels right now, if they really wanted to?
• Who would you trust the truest part of yourself with if you absolutely had to?
• Who thinks they have something on you, when all they really have is smoke and mirrors?
• How does your character view the God-Machine?
• How does the character view humankind?
• What is your character wrong about?
• How does your character’s Incarnation affect her life?
• Where does the demon see her Agenda (or lack thereof) taking her?

You may choose a fellow Player Character as one you would trust the truest part of yourself to.  Just pray that he or she isn't an Integrator.