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Wed 4 Apr 2018
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Here is the thread for all who want to join the game and the few rules along it.

- Any races is available from the books, a background for why you have joined is always required and for some rare species that reason must be really good.

- No droids is available for playing.

- Jedi classes are very restricted and require some very hard reasons meanwhile Force sensitive class is easier to get.

- Not all Force power are available.

- During the character creation the players have two options after the whole sheet is done:
  * Start with an additional 50XP but no credits, gain 1 special equipment
  * Start with no additional XP but start with 10 000 extra credits

- Contribution Rank is not available at the moment in story and the same goes for Duty.

- The team know each other for some time now, each player background MUST tell how they meet the others and joined forces. Discuss this with each, bonus XP for interesting background and alike can occur.

- If RL problem or anything alike happen that will make it harder for you to post, please either send me a PM or post in the OCC thread.

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Thu 5 Apr 2018
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The planet of Balamak lies in Mid Rim not to far away Kashyyyk and saw limited fighting during the Clone Wars due to the proximity of Republic stronghold.

A wild planet that is mostly covered by jungle with many wild predators the Empire keep a small garrison on the planet to keep the trade route safe and a staging point.

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Fri 13 Apr 2018
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Factions interest in the group
The Empire:

Level 1: A nuisance that will surely be destroyed in short time.


Level 1: Follow the groups interaction against the Empire with minimal interest.
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Sat 14 Apr 2018
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The Groups background and formation
With various reasons a space station in Kelada in the Corellian trade route saw six people (and one droid) meeting by pure coincidence or by the Will of the Force depending on who you ask. And while they all were suspicious of each other it was soon put on hold when they were attacked by the Empire's fearsome Stormtroopers who had been informed of potential rebel activity.

A speedy retreat under heavy fire in the aging Republic cruiser Vanguard was done and the common hatred/interested to see the Empire destroyed was obvious for everyone. A pact or alliance between the members was founded and they proved to be very effective in their raiding of various Imperial stations, depots and even once a transport convoy.

That however was in the end a bad choice as the Governor that the transports were heading for informed the Imperial Navy of the growing problem and soon the team had two Imperial Raiders hunting them across the system and halfway through the galaxy to the planet Balamak.

And while the Vanguard put up a excellent and brave fight it simply had no chance against the much more advanced Imperial spaceships, a crippling blow struck the engines and in a desperate move to survive the ship crashed on the planet below.