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Sun 8 Apr 2018
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Hoping for group of 4-6 players.

Things to be aware of for anyone looking to join the game (in no particular order of importance):

  • I in no way claim to be completely knowledgeable of all Hero System rules.  If you're already comfortable with the rules, awesome, feel free to speak up if I make mistakes.  If you've never played before, no problem, you'll catch on.  Game is about fun more so than rules nit-picking.

  • The more you post, the more the game moves.  I will not post until all players have responded to prior GM post.  Generally I prefer 48 hour max but this game has no specific requirement so not going to add one now.  That said, players may choose to implement one by consensus.

  • This is a game of heroes not super-powered serial killers; the stakes better be high and the situation grave if you're going to take a sentient life (and hopefully I can pull that situation off).  Also, your character is expected to become part of a team and be able to work with others so loners are gonna need to be able to empathize at some level.

  • Posts should be PG to PG-13 at most.  No string of swearing, sex scenes, extreme gore, etc.  Game is rated Mature to allow for some leeway but I prefer posts my kids could read over my shoulder without my being concerned.  Please abide by RPOL's Mature game policy:

    Mature games are games which have (as some minor portion of them) mature themes, strong language, drug use, and/or extensive violence.  Mature games use the Mature Content flag to warn potential readers that some of the game material may be considered offensive.  Despite this flag, Mature Games must remain suitable to all ages.

  • Characters will be built with 400 points and 75 points of Complications to start and all located in the same city.  Further specifics to follow in character creation thread.

  • I have Hero Designer and will be using it to double-check all builds and/or help you create your character.

Still here?  Good.  Ideas churning?  Even better.  So, what hoops do you need to jump through to join?  Simply this, in your request include:
  1. A blurb about yourself, your experience role-playing, etc.

  2. A situation/danger/challenge you would want the team to face.  Major plot points are fine; just looking for enough detail to see creativity and ideas for adventures folks are actually interested in (I may use it in game).  If you're familiar with the Champions Universe feel free to use character/locations therein, otherwise leave it somewhat vague and I can try to find an appropriate match.

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