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RTJ and House Rules
We will be using the Vampire: the Dark Ages, 20th Anniversary Edition rules to play the Transylvania Chronicles published by White Wolf in 1998. This thread will cover Requests to Join (RTJ) and any house rules that arise.

Requests to Join (RTJ)
Before sending an RTJ please be sure to read this entire thread. Your RTJ should include the following:
  • Character Name.
  • Year of Birth. The current year is AD1198.
  • Clan. No Tremere or bloodlines (except Giovani and Assamite Sorcerers or Warriors).
  • Appearance. In brief.
  • Personality. In brief. Feel free to include likes, dislikes, etc.
  • Background. In brief. All characters must have a working relationship of one sort or another with either a mentor or their sire. Please include any major events in the character's (in)life. All characters should be vampires less than 50 years.
  • Notes. Anything else that you feel might be important. Feel free to include player or character goals that you might have.

General Rules
  • Be respectful. I know we are playing Vampire but keep it civil in the OOC and don't take things personally.
  • Be mature. This is a game for mature audiences. It may include violence, blood, foul language, drug use and other mature themes. If you have issues with any of these things, you may want to look for another game. If you feel like the ST is taking things too far, don't hesitate to send me a Private Message so I can correct course.
  • Character creation. Standard, with limitations. You may take up to 7 points of Merits and Flaws but you are expected to keep up with and roleplay your Flaws. Please use the character sheet I will provide.

There are a few Background limitations for character creation:
  • Domain and Influence are disallowed.
  • Status is limited to 1 dot.
  • Resources is limited to 2 dots.

Posting Rules
  • Please post in third person past tense. (Ex. Radu glared at the ghoul in annoyance.)
  • Please use quotations and color for dialogue. (Ex. "Praise be unto God," Anatole cried, raising his arms to the sky.) This ensures that dialogue stands out so as not to be missed. I also ask that you remain consistent with the color you use for your character.
  • Please refrain from using orange as your dialogue color; use it only for out of character text.

A special note about languages. There are a lot of them. The most common include Slavonic, Hungarian, Romanian, Baltic and German. However, it is not inconceivable for PCs to know other languages, such as Latin, Greek, Arabic or other, even stranger languages. I strongly advise all PCs to have a common language, which we will use most commonly (and thus, not need to use Language groups for). (One of the Playtest groups used Arabic, which has the benefit that not many people in the area speak it. The drawback is that not many PCs will either.)

Experience Awards
I haven't figured out exactly how I will be handling Experience awards at this time. As I figure it out I will post here. In addition to the guidelines on VDA20, p185, here are examples of things that might earn you Experience awards:
  • Automatic: Every player who posts in a thread will earn 1 or more Experience at the end of the thread.

White Wolf Merits and Flaws (link to a message in another game)

20.4.18: Added a link to Merits and Flaws.

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House Rules
Characters with Academics automatically understand either Latin or Greek (player's choice). Characters with Academics 2+ must also take the Literacy Merit (see below).

Merits and Flaws
Literacy is a 1-pt Merit. If your character is Literate she knows how to read and write all languages she understands (for simplicity sake). Characters with Academics 2+ must take this Merit.