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[000] Invitation and Arrival
Autumn, 1197

It was a night much like any other when your sire's servant arrived with a summons from your sire. The letter was written on parchment, sealed with your sire's wax seal. The letter reads:

My childe,

It is my wish that you join me at the market square close-by the stocks in the Castle District of Buda-Pest on the tenth hour of the evening of the fifteenth day of April, the Year of Our Lord 1198. There, you shall be introduced to an ally of mine who wishes to become your patron. Your future might be assured should you agree to this patron's offer. Further, it would please me greatly for you to accept as I have already accepted for you, pending your agreement. Do not fail me, but come at once. The bearer of this letter is a trusted servant and will arrange transportation for you.

Your sire-

After you have read this letter, the servant hands you a second, this one written on gilt-edged parchment and bound in red ribbon. The seal is unfamiliar, a ferocious-looking dragon lashing out with its claws at some unseen menace. Likewise the handwriting, a flourishing, seemingly well-educated style, is unfamiliar. This second letter reads:

Though I am unacquainted with you I feel that we share a bond through your sire, who is my ally. As you are the dutiful childe of your sire, I request that you meet with me at the market square near the stocks in the Castle District of Buda-Pest on the fifteenth day of April in the next year, at the tenth hour of the evening. I would like to put before you a proposition that may lead to great gains for you and closer alliances between us. If you wish to hear more, attend me on the date specified.

I Hope to Become,
Your Patron

This second letter is signed by a Radu, Prince of Bistria.

Buda-Pest, Hungary
15 April 1198

As promised, the servant arranges transport for you to Buda-Pest. You make the trip in an enclosed wagon, the countryside passing slowly night by night. At last you arrive at your destination, awakening in a shaded copse just outside the city walls.

It is the seventh hour of the evening and aside from a cool wind the night is quite beautiful. Your servants, who had been talking, move to join you explaining that all wagons passing into the city are searched, and they felt it wise to avoid bringing you inside while you were sleeping. From here, they explain, you must walk through the city of Pest, cross the river to the Castle District of Buda, and make your way to the market square.

OOC: Welcome to the game!

All characters begin with a maximum of 7 blood points. If you rolled higher, please reduce to seven now. If you rolled lower, well... sucks to be you? :) Consider this your warm welcome to Transylvania Chronicles! ;) On a related note, you can expect to be hungry quite a bit during the early part of the Chronicle, but you will have the opportunity to feed your fill before it begins in earnest.

While I will roll for you when I feel it is necessary - Perception to see if you notice something, etc - feel free to make active rolls whenever you want. However, you don't need to roll every two steps to check for a trap: this isn't that kind of game. Generally speaking a single roll will suffice for a Scene, and if I feel another is called for I'll either ask you to make one or make it behind the screen (so to speak).

Regarding your servants and sires(/patrons), you can find details on them in the Dramatis Personae thread (link to a message in this game). In brief:
  • Andronikos serves Harold's sire.
  • Kasia Krevcheski serves Valeska's sire.
  • Jantis serves Catherine's sire.
  • Sergio serves Uzoma's patron.
  • Uso Giovani serves Antonia's sire.

Feel free to introduce your characters, but keep in mind that the city gates will be closing before too long...

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Valeska Szantovich
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Princess of Vice
Valeska sat unmoving, staring at the still figure on the moon in the clear sky. It had been nights since she had made love and she had drained her herd who would have given her the necessary blood. The hunger starting to become a boiling cauldron in her belly and veins, she summoned her three calices, closeby, so that she could choose one her them. The young women in night attire approached obediently their mistress.

With a deliberate abandon, Valeska let her sense dictate the satiation of her thirst. Instinct had taken over and it had felt right, but now, looking at her pale form, she wasn't at her best.

Even when her lips started to run over the young woman neck, while the other two would assist her, driving quickly the selected calice to the desired state of arousal with their hands, Valeska's thoughts were dark and jumbled. Then she saw her eyelids flutter and open slowly, looking directly in her eyes, with an orgasmic moan, as her fangs planted in her neck, and she fed on the extasis of her calice.

As she felt her girl become feeble, Valeska stopped draining her, and licked her wounded neck, with deliberate and indecent slow motion.

Now, her flesh having taken a mortal taint, rehearsing even her incredible beauty. Valeska extended a hand, into which Kaisa put the two scrolls of invitation. Reading them once again, Valeska muttered low.

"From here, we enter the city by our own, Kaisa. You my dears - she said to her calices - you take care of our things, till I send Kaisa or someone to fetch my properties. "That been said, she naturally included the three girls into her property.

Minutes later, holding her velvet scarlet dress skirt with both hands, she stepped in silence into Buda (or was it Pest ?), followed by Kaisa.

Valeska smiled dangerously as it has been just a year since her Sire had released her, and she was curious, and surprised to read that he actually made an alliance with a hungarian vampire prince.

OOC: Valeska takes 3 blood points from one of her herd

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[000] Invitation and Arrival
Waking as the sun dies in the west instead of at its birth in the east still did not feel right to Uzoma. The eight decades of his life had dictated a rhythm to his daily efforts - a rhythm his new state did not support. While 'old habits die hard,' it seemed that the blood curse was stronger than any habit. Darkness was his new element, and he held his last memory of sunlight dearly, knowing full well that any attempt to repeat the experience would be the end of him - forever.

A new rhythm, then. A new night. He removed the fine razor he'd obtained in Damascus from its leather case and began to shave the hair from his head. The wild curly locks regrew each night, and most nights he shaved them back off. A practiced hand, steadier now than it had been at the end of his life, accomplished the job in only a few minutes. He similarly trimmed his beard, shaping it into a somewhat more tame form. He stuffed the cut hair into a bag with a few other day's worth of growth, intending to burn the lot the next time he got the chance. He knew the supernatural value of such leavings, but felt the symbolic renewal of his unlife each night was worth the risk.

This was an important night - he'd be meeting this Radu he'd heard so much about. Certainly, such an occasion deserved his finest clothes. He changed out of his undyed traveling wear, caked with the dust of a dozen countries, and donned a clean pair of black pants along with a finely woven shirt embroidered with a pattern of golden lion's heads. He deftly tied a beaded bracelet to his right wrist and donned a similarly beaded necklace. Finally, a red cap topped his bald head.

So adorned, he exited the back of the wagon to find that it'd be joined by several others. He spotted Sergio easily, mingling with several others. Looking around, he spotted the gates of Pest in the near distance. After the explanation from the servants, Uzoma nodded his understanding.

"I see that I am not alone," he said, though his words were thickly accented, they were easily understood. "It would seem that Radu's proposition and offer of 'great gains' were not for me alone. So much the better, then, I think." He smiled broadly at the servants for a moment. He turned back to his wagon and retrieved a long, solid walking stick to aid his movement. While rebirth in darkness had significantly repaired his aged body, it seemed that some of the ravages of age were irreversible even by the dark blood of his sire.

He leaned heavily on the stick for support and waited for the others to ready themselves and exit their own wagons. "It was wise of you to wait until dusk," he said to the servants. "I, for one, would not like to be discovered in such a state as they might find us during the day." He smiled again, "And some hard questions for you to answer too, I think. Yes?" He chuckled like someone's grandfather, which he probably was.

As the others exited their wagons, he bowed to each in turn with a greeting. "Hello," he said, trying a few languages if necessary before settling on one the listener understood. "I am called Uzoma. It seems that we are all headed to the same meeting. What say we go together? This old man should like to have some new company after his time on the road."

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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Princess of Vice
Harold rolled his shoulders with a habit of a long-ago-lifetime. His muscles no longer felt the aches or pains of life, it had been decades since he’d forgotten the sensations of pain. He looked about for Andronikos, before emitting a low whistle to his horse. A large black stallion, it padded its way through the early evening night towards him, emerging like a shadow from the darkness. He patted it’s muzzle distractedly, muttering in his native tongue to it as he did so. Harold hadn’t named this horse, over the many years he had owned several and found that becoming attached to them was a thankless task.

His Sire tended to destroy the things he grew attached to.

With a shift of his arms he swept his grey-woollen cloak over one shoulder, freeing up the hilt of his longsword. Damascene steel glinted in the moonlight as he did so, the weight of the blade familiar and reassuring against his thigh.

At the sound of the whistle, Andronikos had emerged too – he nodded to Harold nervously, and Harold returned the gesture. They were both damaged men and Harold felt nothing but pity for the once-proud soldier. It was rare for them to exchange words, there was often so little to say. They knew that they shared a purpose and faced equal jeopardy if they failed to deliver on that purpose. His thoughts were interrupted by the dark skinned stranger’s words. Turning he stalked through the damp grass towards the other Kindred.

“Hello Uzoma. I am Harold of…” He trailed off, Harold of where exactly? Skarborg? Constantinople? He allowed the words to die in his throat, “I am Harold. It is good to know you.”
Catherine Szeltka
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Princess of Vice
Catherine woke up last, she needed to sleep on sacred Earth from where her Sire placed her so had pouches of the soil enough for several resting places and she picked up her fine long bow. She saw one in a book about Welsh archery and used all her craft and skills to forge one the finest wood, leather and instinctively picked it up.

Walking over she strolled around the other vampires like a primal animal assessing them, the mortals with them although they are servants to them so beyond hunting, but notes one of Valeska's appealed to her a lovely fit thing. Then she spoke after a few minutes ,"Your fit and would give me a fine hunt, I can see you in nothing and the moon on you and wind in your hair as you fled me and your death would be pleasant. I can't of course. Its a pity though your lovely and with grace like a doe rich with life.

Then addressing the others ,"I'm Catherine Szeltka from the Carpathians of the Brujah Clan and am at your service. I come in good will to your paths and hope to enjoy many a hunt with you and I'm hungry I need to hunt tonight."
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Princess of Vice
"Cousin," Harold nodded to Catherine, "My blood is also that of Brujah. Your bow? I recognize the work, it is Celtic, is it not?"

He approached her slowly, one hand held out - "I've not seen its like since I were a boy on the cliffs of my homeland."

With a soft smile in a handsome face he smiled, "Please, may I look at it?"
Catherine Szeltka
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 8th Generation Brujah
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Princess of Vice
"I crafted it from some woodcuts I saw and and someone explaining them in a book then used all my skills as a master archer. I managed to look at after some silver nuggests to a nobles servant he needed for his family the Lord a miser save for sending his money on books. His library was amazing., she hands it over the woods are from the region and a fine layering of the wood making a strong bow cured. The grip for her left hand on it is fine leather rather expensive. A lot of time and effort was used and no small amount of skill.

"Given time and the means to I can make a bow for you, in these times, killing a threat from a range isn't impractical and a good shot to the heart is enough to stop one of us. I'm very good with it.," she said with emphasis in a key spot.
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Fri 27 Apr 2018
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Princess of Vice
As Antonia rode in the wagon it was a mild agony. She could feel the weight of the sun above her trapping her in the dark protection, however she wished she could read a tome, practice her craft, or put quill to page. Even sleep would be helpful, but she has never been one to sleep a full night. Work, children, leisure, all those things consumed her nights even before she was brought into the family. When signaled that it was past sunset, she was quick to leave the confines of protection. She wondered if Uso had delayed in alerting her due to his feelings. In any case, she brushes off her dress and thanks her sire’s servant, “Thank you Uso, you have serve Lucius well this night.
She pulls on her riding gloves and raises her cloak. Her ashen pale skin could draw the wrong attention, so she makes an attempt to allow others to ignore it. She walks proudly toward the gates and to her ultimate destination.