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Common Rules Issues
Creatures with reach can still only take opportunity attacks against targets adjacent to them. The exception is creatures that have "threatening reach," but this is uncommon.

Creatures can move through spaces occupied by allies, but not enemies.

Allies provide partial cover, but enemies do not.

There is no penalty for ranged attacks into a melee.

Immediate actions cannot occur on one's own turn (i.e. a wizard cannot activate shield to interrupt an opportunity attack they themselves provoked).

Each creature may make one opportunity attack per turn, but any number of opportunity attack per round. That is, everyone who provokes an opportunity attack from enemy X on their turn can be attacked, but they can provoke enemy X multiple times (say, by multiple ranged attacks) and can only be attacked for one of them.

A creature who is dazed or stunned cannot take immediate actions or opportunity actions and does count as flanking for their allies.

A creature can take at most one immediate action during a round.

A creature cannot make an opportunity attack against a target they cannot see.

Ammunition used in a ranged weapon attack is not recoverable.

Close blast and close burst powers do not provoke opportunity attacks.

Close and area attacks ignore concealment.

Standing from prone does not provoke an opportunity attack.

A natural 1 on an attack roll is an automatic miss, but generally carries no other penalty.

A natural 1 on a skill check is not an automatic failure. A natural 20 on a skill check is not an automatic success and generally carries no extra benefit.