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The Old World won't feature much in this game, but to keep things consistent here's some notes on what "not-Europe" is like. If you have questions or want anything developed more fully, ask in the OOC thread and I'll expand on it here.

Totally Not Europe

The Etatian Empire is a Romanesque French/Italian feudal state in an early Renaissance/Age of Exploration. It's almost entirely settled, with no wild places, no opportunity for adventure. This is largely true for all of not-Europe.

To the south is Vaquero, a very "Spain" sort of kingdom that used to be a part of the Empire but successfully broke away into their own thing.

Our Scandinavian analogue is The Confederation of Allied States (The Staten), which was very "vikings HO" until about a century ago when they realized they'd fallen behind the rest of not-Europe, and the seven brother-kings formed an alliance to more effectively act on the political stage. They're "civilized."

And we'll say that instead of Britain we have the Elvish island of Avalon. As humanity spread and grew to essentially cover not-Europe, the wild places the elves preferred shrunk. A few centuries ago a band of elves retreated from the world to Avalon to found their own nation, turning away most human visitors and treating the native humans as little better than serfs. The Wood Elves view the High Elves of Avalon as traitors to the Old Ways, while the High Elves think of their rustic Wood Elf cousins as throwbacks who cling to the ways of a world that has died.

Aside from Avalon, there are no major nonhuman states in not-Europe. The Alpine Dwarves are a province of the Etatian Empire with a good deal of autonomy, and the Jotenheim Dwarves are loyal citizens of the Staten.

Beyond not-Europe

Far to the East is the Alem Caliphate, a very Persian empire that is very different culturally. They worship different gods, drink strong coffee, and listen to different music.

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