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Mon 3 Dec 2018
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Rules of the Game (Read This Second)
The rules of the game -- not the game show -- are fairly simple.

1. Respect.  We're all here to have fun, don't go and ruin it all by starting cutting at each other.

2. The Emcee isn't infallible; mistakes might be made, things might be overlooked.  Feel free to call attention to something you think was an error.  Having said that, if you are assured that it was not an error, please accept it; there will be a reason.

3. Nobody is going to be expected to post daily, but once a week is a pretty firm minimum.  Two or three times a week is likely going to be where we'll average out, but there's nothing wrong with two players having a 'private' conversation (with all those cameras?  Hardly!) posting back and forth at a furious rate, if they so desire.  Just remember to give others a chance to respond before getting carried away when there are a number of people involved in a scenario.

4. Rating. We're going with Mature because I'm not wanting people to have to think about censoring language or avoiding the nitty-gritty details of what happens, but I'm also not interested in nothing but sex-sex-sex, which can happen with the A tag, and this will also allow for contestants that are under 18 -- with parental approval, of course.

5. I don't expect everyone to be an English major, but spell checkers are everywhere online, and it only takes a moment to look over a post for errors before submitting it.  Not every post has to be a novel, but it should be more than a line.  A post should generally have a character doing something, saying or thinking something -- and don't forget the environment you're in.  Posts should be in third person past tense, so as to keep things from jarring from one post to the next.

tl;dr -- Have fun, play nice, share the ball, we're in this to tell a good story together.

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