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Wed 5 Dec 2018
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In Chrononauts you play a partially amnesiac time traveler who doesn't remember what their mission is, who they are in anything other than broad strokes, or who they work for. You know you're a time traveler, you just don't remember why.

1. Character Concept:
Give me the broad idea of who you are. You remember your name, career (prior to being recruited for time travel), general area of expertise, etc, circa the late 2010s. Specific events are fuzzier. Just give me a few lines so I know what you're going for.

2. Player Interest and Expectation:
This game can include elements of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Let me know what elements you're interested in, which you'd rather avoid, and what historical eras appeal to you the most.

3. Writing Sample:
This can be a link to a publicly available post, a copy paste, or something you just made up. Just show me what you got.

If everything looks good and I'm ready to accept more players, I'll ask you for a character sheet. The waiting list for these games can be long, but I'll get to it.

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