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Sun 9 Dec 2018
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Viv Robineau: Jump 1
Viv woke to find himself collapsed on a rocky forested hillside. His head felt foggy, fuzzy, stuffed with cotton, making it hard to think, hard to concentrate.

Worse, he had no idea who he was, other than the name that he was sure was his. Viv Robineau. He was a time traveler. That he knew. And he knew he was time traveling on someone's behalf. But the nature of his mission, the nature of his supervisors... that was a mystery as well. He felt, urgently, that there was something he was meant to do, but had no idea of what it might be.


He had a pair of simple denim trousers and a long cotton shirt that, should he be in a time before the invention of trousers, could be fashioned as a tunic if he discarded the anachronistic pants. He had simple leather boots, unstitched, that would fit in to most eras, and socks that could be pulled up as stockings to go with the tunic.

That was it. Oh, other than the time machine, but that was in his head. Viv had a small display in the corner of his vision, a tiny 'x' to indicate that a jump was not presently possible.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

ooc: This is your chance to put points into the Expert Skill (Parachonics) skill (IQ/Hard) - if so, put a flashback into your next post, and indicate how many points you want to sink into the skill.