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Character Creation (for GURPS veterans)
If you are a GURPS pro, this is what I need from you. You have 150 points to spend, and a -75 point disadvantage limit. You should hold points in reserve, because you can add traits as we play.

1. Physical Description.

This is a large part of what you'll know about yourself when we start. What you see in the mirror. You'll stick out more or less in different eras depending. Give me your approximate age, too. How you move, your mannerisms, how you sound, these are parts of who you are, too.

2. Attributes:
These are all immediately apparent. Buy the stats you want.

7: Your attribute is so deficient that it defines you to everyone you meet.
10: Average
12: You are defined by your attribute. You're the smart guy, the quick guy, the strong guy, etc.
14: You are probably the strongest/smartest/healthiest/quickest person most people will ever meet.
15: You're probably the strongest/smartest/quickest/healthiest normal human.

HP must remain within 30% of ST, and FP must remain within 30% of HT. Perception and Willpower can be raised/lowered by as much as 4 under/over IQ. Speed can be raised or lowered by up to 2.0, and Move can be raised or lowered by up to 3.

Remember that low attributes count against your disadvantage limit.

3. Advantages:
Spend points on whatever advantages are immediately apparent. You can spend points to purchase Advantages in play using the Flashback mechanic (see the Mechanics thread), but only if it makes sense that you'd forgotten about it. Forgetting a Talent makes sense. Forgetting High Pain Threshold makes sense until you hurt yourself. Forgetting Attractiveness does not make sense.

Exotic and Supernatural Advantages are not allowed. Cinematic advantages - Luck, Weapon Master, Trained By a Master - are.

Don't bother with Social traits like Wealth or Status or Reputation. Unless you specify otherwise, your native language will be English, and your native Cultural Familiarity will be 21st Century Western.

You CAN take an Ally, but you don't remember who they are. They're another time traveler there with you. You can define their looks and general point value, but the GM decides the rest. Frequency determines how often they're around to help you.

4. Disadvantages
Same general guidelines. Take any obvious disadvantages. One Eye, Fat, Ugly. Take whatever quirks would be immediately apparent.

Nothing Exotic or Supernatural. You CAN take a Dependent - another Time Traveler. Frequency determines how often they make your life inconvenient.

Remember: ALL negative traits (low attributes, quirks) count against your disadvantage limits.

5. Skills

Don't put any points into skills at this time. Buy them as you need to by "remembering" what you know how to do through Flashbacks. Make sure to save enough skill points so you can do things!

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