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Thu 6 Dec 2018
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Character Creation (for GURPS newbies)
If you're new to GURPS, I'll walk you through a few choices and we'll build your character from them. You have 150 points to spend... but you don't have to spend them all right away, as you can further define yourself by "remembering" who you are in the course of play.

1. Choose your attributes: Unlike the other traits, your attributes are immediately apparent to yourself, so you should buy the levels you want right off the bat.

Strength: How much force you can apply, how much you can lift, how hard you hit, how much bodily trauma you can absorb.
Dexterity: How coordinated and agile you are.
Intelligence: Imagination, reasoning, general mental capacity.
Health: Your cardio. How disease resistant you are. Your resistance to the shock you can't absorb.

Strength and Health are 10 points per level, Dexterity and Intelligence are 20 per level. They default to 10, and can be raised or lowered - lower attributes give you points back to spend elsewhere.

By default your Perception and Willpower are equal to your Intelligence, but you can raise or lower them by 5 points per level as well

7: Your attribute is so deficient that it defines you to everyone you meet.
10: Average
12: You are defined by your attribute. You're the smart guy, the quick guy, the strong guy, etc.
14: You are probably the strongest/smartest/healthiest/quickest person most people will ever meet.
15: You're probably the strongest/smartest/quickest/healthiest normal human.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
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2: Advantages:

Choose from the following talents and positive traits:

Ally: You have a partner who is as competent as you are. You don't remember who they are either, but at least you're not alone. You can define what they look like. 5 points for someone as capable as you, 10 for someone more capable, 3 for someone less capable. Note that they'll only be around to help you maybe half the time, though if you double their value they'll be around more often.

Ambidexterity: [5 points] You can use both hands equally well.

Attractive: [4 points] You're better looking than average. For 12 points you're Handsome/Beautiful, for 16 you're very much so.

Charisma [5/level] You're charming.

Eidetic Memory: [5 points] Ironically, other than the amnesia thing, you have a pretty good memory. For 10 points its truly photographic.

Fit: [5 points] You have better cardiovascular fitness than your Health trait otherwise implies. You recover spent Fatigue points faster, and get a bonus on HT rolls. For 15 points you're Very Fit.

Flexibility: [5 points] You get a +3 bonus on Climb rolls, rolls to escape from restraints, and rolls to break free when someone grabs you. Double-Jointed is 15 points and increases the bonus to +5.

High Manual Dexterity: [5/level You get a bonus on tasks requiring delicate handiwork.

Luck: [15 points]: Technically this isn't "immediately apparent" but it's sort of a metagame ability so go ahead and take it now if you want it. Lets you reroll a failed roll twice, once per in-game day. Ridiculous Luck, for 30 points, lets you do it twice a day.

Peripheral Vision [15 points]: You have a wider field of vision, making it harder to sneak up on you.

Voice [10 points]: You have a naturally resonant and attractive voice.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
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You can, if you choose, select from the following negative traits. You can only select up to -75 points of negative traits, including lower than average attributes.

Bad Sight [-10]: You're near or farsighted enough that when you lose your glasses or contacts it causes serious problems.

Cannot Speak [-15]: You can make sounds, but can't talk. For -25 points, you can't vocalize at all.

Colorblindness [-10]: You have the rare form of total colorblindness.

Deafness [-20]: You cannot hear anything.

Disturbing Voice [-10]: You have a naturally unpleasant voice.

Dyslexia [-10]: You have a crippling form of Dyslexia and can never learn to read even simple maps or road signs.

Easy to Read: [-10] Your body language always betrays your true emotions.

Overweight: [-1] Being heavier than average makes it harder for you to go unobserved when shadowing people. If you're truly fat, this is a -3 point disadvantage.

Skinny: [-5] Not only are disguises and shadowing more difficult, it's easier to knock you over.

Ham Fisted: [-5] You have poor motor skills. Can be taken at the -10 point level.

Hard of Hearing: [-10] You don't hear so good.

Impulsiveness: [-10] Act first. Think later.

Klutz: [-5] You need to make a Dexterity roll every day to avoid knocking something over, tripping, or otherwise embarrassing yourself.

Laziness: [-10] Avoid hard work at all costs.

No Depth Perception: [-15]

No Sense of Smell or Taste [-5]

One Arm [-20] -15 if you're just missing a hand.

One Eye [-15]

No Peripheral Vision [-15]

Slow Riser [-5] You're not a morning person, and are at a penalty to self control rolls and IQ tests for the first hour every day.

Timesickness [-10]: On a failed HT roll you're stunned for d6 hours after any temporal jump. On a successful HT roll it lasts 1d6 x 10 minutes.

Unfit: [-5] You're out of shape. For -15, you're very out of shape.

Unluckiness: [-10] You have rotten luck. It won't kill you outright, but anything less is fair game.