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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 15:33
1. Posting rate is set by individual players. However, if you don't post for more than a week without telling me you're taking a break, I may assume you've lost interest and drop you from the game.
2. Stay friendly OOC. You can hate each other IC, but OOC be civil.
3. This is a Mature game, not an Adult game. Fade to black as appropriate.
4. Traits that depend on "play time" or "per session" activation will have the Game Time enhancement:

If it usually works at least once per real hour, you get uses per game day equal to its maximum possible uses per real hour; e.g., Ridiculous Luck, which works every 10 real minutes, gets six uses per game day. If itís rated in uses per session, you get that many uses per game week; e.g., Serendipity 3 gives three uses per game week.

6. The PCs can roll for themselves, except in situations involving research or information gathering, or other rolls where failure or critical failure might result in the GM lying. Clearly if you know you failed, you know the GM is lying!

For long tasks you'll roll at the end of the task, so don't roll for those until the GM asks you to.