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Mechanic: Improvement
Flashbacks can only take you so far; after all, your choices also determine what you don't know.

Spending CP:

You will earn CP after each adventure. You can spend these CP to improve skills used during the adventure, or (if you pass an IQ roll) to pick up skills you used by default.

You can spend CP to improve attributes, with the rationale that you've improved in that category over time.

You can spend CP to "get over" a mental disadvantage.

Other disadvantages can be bought off, or advantages purchased, if you can make it happen "in game." Want to improve your Appearance? Get some plastic surgery. Want to buy off Epilepsy? Find a cure.


You can also spend time training to acquire or improve skills and certain advantages (Fit, Combat Reflexes, Languages, Cultural Familiarity). 6 months of instructed training or one year of self-taught training is the equivalent of 1 skill point.

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