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Thu 20 Dec 2018
at 04:42
Thank you for your interest in my game. I will start off by saying it's not for everybody. I am, first and foremost, creating a story. That means I  have a cast of characters I'm trying to flesh out and also expect a high quality of writing. Please read the game wiki to get an idea of the world you'll be playing in. Secondly please read the Cast of Characters and Character Creation thread to see what characters are available for play and what's expected in their creation. After that this is what I need from you in your RTJ message.

1. Acknowledgement that you have read the wiki and understand the aspects of this game.
2. The character you want to play.
3. A short paragraph of the character concept. This should include a a background within the parameters of the character description I outlined, a physical description of the character, and a description of your character's personality.
4. A short one to two paragraph writing sample. You can send something from another game you posted or just come up with something new with your character in it.

Once that has been submitted I'll review everything and get back to you. I'm looking for mature adults who can write well to help me tell this story. Please remember that it is an adult game so only mature adult behavior will be accepted.

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