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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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Bottom of the Bearrel
The group regroups at Carver's den. Willy Jiang shouts out from his guard post, greeting people as they arrive with a raw throat and breath that reeks of cheap eucalyptus cigarettes.

The interior of the warehouse is much as you remember it; light bulbs dangling from cables over the warehouse floor. Old crates and boxes. There are a few new crates in, made of fresh gum wood. Most of you stick to Carver's living area though, with his sitting crates of Foster's beer, and his little kitchen nook.

The group collects to review the data. You captured the wrong bear. Anna or whoever is still in the UCAS Idolize competition, and now their security is, well, realistically it's about as tight as it was before, as no one really notices the loss of one more Elvis impersonator. But still, you've got another job to do and you're not getting paid for it this time, because you already GOT paid and the money is already cleaned and in your accounts. But I guess you might get that Mr. F fellow mad, and that would be bad, since he's a spindly, wimpy elf you could break over your knee.

Alright, this narrative is going totally wrong. Let me start again.

As the narrator is starting again, Snow excuses himself to get some cereal, since a diet of BTLs and synthahol gives a man a mean hunger. As he picks up the box of Bear-O's and starts to pour, he hears an ominous growl. The light bulb above flickers. Carver's potted eucalyptus tree, which come to think of he doesn't recall putting in and maybe Mr. Jiang knows something about that, rustles in a threatening manner.

The party has a moment to arm and/or wet themselves, before the cereal box in Snow's hand explodes in a shower of bran flakes! A drop bear launches out for Snow's throat. Snow has a moment to realize the bear is wearing boxing gloves.

Combat! Bears have surprise. Fast forwarded too fast, suckers! BTW, rolls are in the dice roller. I tried to label them. To move combat quickly, I automatically choose the best action for your character when it's obvious. In this case, dodging is normally better than trying to soak, so that's where combat pool is going.

The bear launches out of the cereal box at Snow, biffing him in the chin and knocking the the poor guy off his feet. He sees kookaburras flying around his head before he falls into unconsciousness.

The light bulb above Snow explodes, and a drop bear launches itself at Carver, joined by two more who leap from the eucalyptus tree behind him! Carver's snap blades snap blades out and he prepares to defend himself!

The first bear slams into Carver's front. Carver is mildly knocked, but holds his stance, just in time for the second bear to hit him from behind! Carver lifts off the ground for a moment, then crumples in a heap. The third drop bear stops her drop and alights gently on Carver to nibble some euca-chips.

The crate St. V was sitting on explodes and a bear attacks from underneath! Possibly a mistake. St. V uses Falling Bottom defense, pinning and squishing the poor bear.

A second bear bursts out of the French drain in the floor. St. V reaches for his holster and pulls his Ares Predator only to realize -- it's been replaced by a drop bear! The bear grins and attacks. The fright alone causes St. V to faint.

Firefox dives for cover behind one of the crates. The crate explodes open, revealing twenty hungry drop bears in boxing gloves. The leader asks Firefox nicely to come with them, and provides her a lavender silk sack to put over her head. I assume she complies.

Right at this moment, Twist comes back in. "Hey guys, I'm only here for a second, I forgot I left my truOHMYGOD" as forty drop bears leap on him and beat him unconscious.

A quick note: This is a silly mission. Normally I'd take things slower, but things are silly, and I expect that everyone trusts me that, should I have to kill your character, I wouldn't put you in an unwinnable scenario to do so. So just roll with it and the plot will advance, hopefully in a silly manner.
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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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Re: Bottom of the Bearrel
Great job, guys! +1 karma for completing the chapter.
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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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Re: Bottom of the Bearrel
See this is what you get for not listening to me and meeting at 6 points instead of carver's warehouse

Shut up snow you're still unconscious

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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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Re: Bottom of the Bearrel
Lavender?  Really?
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Tue 29 Jul 2014
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Re: Bottom of the Bearrel
The last thought running through Carver's mind as he is bludgeoned into unconsciousness: Why, why did I sign for that two-metric-tonne crate of eucalyptus and eucalyptus-byproducts? I don't even like eucalyptus. And for that matter, Why hadn't he noticed that Mr Jiang was two feet shorter and furry? Wait a second, eucalyptus is delicious and helps defeat colds- It is at that moment that a Dropbear leaps out of that last sentence and knocks Carver senseless.
Fortunately, Carver had been coming down with a cold and (with the timely intervention of the eucalyptus-soaked commandoes) manages to make his Body save at a +4 bonus.
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Re: Bottom of the Bearrel
At least St. V managed to take one out before he fainted of fright.