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Papa Bear
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Fri 22 Apr 2016
at 16:52
Mending the Shadows
4pm rolls around. Noruas is wrapping up his day (close enough to taste it!) The rest of the party wake up by whatever is their preferred methods (or not at all, if your preferred method is 'someone calls you and shouts at you that it's time to get to work'.)

If people want to reach back to contacts about previous requests, or reach out to 'night time contacts', this is probably the time for it.
White Duck
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Fri 22 Apr 2016
at 16:59
Mending the Shadows
Duck asks Julie to hang back a bit when she makes her daily stop of arriving at his store when it opens, reading all of the new materials, then not paying for anything at all. In turn, she'd spotted him more than a few packs of naturally-rolled Native American-brand smokes during her time. If Duck were James Bond, she would be his MoneyPenny, with ever-present flirtation going on between the two since Duck had moved out to Seattle, likely never to be consummated in any way. Duck didn't like that he was so close to the young woman to begin with, and even though the two were only six years apart, he'd come to see her more as a sister over the years than someone he'd want romantic involvement with.

"Hoi, wanted to ask you if you knew about any off-grid docs that operate on awakened folks. My other job's got me investigating some leads, and, lo and behold, those leads take me right back to the runner community. Anyone you happen to know that would fit the M/O there?"

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Fri 22 Apr 2016
at 17:00
Mending the Shadows
I'm expecting a call from Alfred.  Based on his predicted timeline, I presume his call will wake me up.