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Sat 26 Feb 2005
at 20:56
Here are character profiles : )
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Thu 22 Jun 2006
at 21:42
Elf, Adept

Expert in:  Swords, stealth, pistols, ettiquette, athletics


"Frag that fragger!  First the chummer starts a fight wif me, right?  Leaves me cut up real good, got the scars to prove it.  Den 'e goes off wif my girl!  I ever meet dat daisy-eater again, I'm gonna tie 'is ears into a fraggin' knot!"
- Random Redmond Barrens Ganger

"Ooohhh... Dominic!"
- Starry Eyed Young Starlet

Status:  Deceased

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Thu 22 Jun 2006
at 21:40
Dwarf, Street Sam

Expert in: unarmed, HK-227, stealth, electronics, athletics, biotech


"Chombatta looks like Chinese take-out.  You want ugly?  This dude takes the cake.  Street says he ate a grenade in the desert wars.  Funny cuz word is he does plastic surgery in his shadow clinic.  Mebbe chummer doesn't own any mirrors?  Heh heh heh."
- Juice Box, Ork pimp

"Squat, ugly, and relatively pissed.  At least he's got a good brain.  Don't think he'd have made it this far otherwise."
- Armand, ex-runner

Status:  Retired

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Thu 22 Jun 2006
at 21:40
Human, Hermetic Mage

Expert in: SMGs, Sorcery, Etiquette

"Chummers got a thing for birds, methinks.  Wind, shapechange spells...  But don't think he's no nutjob shaman, cuz he's not.  Just as soon sling a fireball at you as ask what your name is."
- Random Redmond Barrens resident

"Boy's got some anger issues, lemme put it that way.  Don't matter if he can't use his spells, he'll just as much cap you as toss a manabolt at you."
- Bugs, ex-fixer

Status:  Missing

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Fri 23 Jun 2006
at 19:46
Vigo  nickname "Heya sexy"
Human, Fixer

Expert in: Pistols, assault rifles, bargaining, underworld politics


"Mister Vigo has been a person of interest in relation to no less than twenty eight smuggling and conspiracy crimes.  While he himself seems to rarely engage in such activities directly himself, he seems to be especially well...  connected to those who do."
-Ross Danier, Lone Star Investigator

"Oh, Mister Vigo?  A fine man, quite respectable, and a beautiful car.  I understand he's some sort of international broker, I believe.  He's too nice to be a lawyer, and he always tips well.  Oh, and his sister is just a dear."
-Mr. Howard, valet at Casita Blanca, Latino restaurant

Status:  Active

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Thu 16 Aug 2007
at 20:15
Jessica Fielding nickname Firefox
Elf, Fire Elementalist

Expert in: Summoning, Sorcery, Instruction,

"Careful 'bout fraggin with her, chummer.  Sheez got major mojo.  Fried near a hunderd Hunters once.  Blasted away whole block.  's why she’s so in wif Balek.  Well, that and sheez got a mega-hot *****"
 - Blood Mountain Boy go-ganger

"Firefox?  Nice chicca.  Gives me food sometimes.  Got a weird thing for fire though.  Saw her stop and stare at a warmin barrel for like 10 minutes once.  Tried talking to her, but she couldn’t hear me or somethin."
 - Barrens street kid

Status:  Retired and Legitimate

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Ma Thump
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Thu 16 Aug 2007
at 20:15
Ma Thump
Unknown Name, aka Ma Thump aka PinkLime aka Rohvad aka Waster
Troll, Jack of All Trades

Expert in: Staves, LMGs, Gunnery, Decking, Cars

"Oh yeah, PinkLime.  I heard she's some seventeen year old wizkid out of the arcology.  She's sharp, I'm sure one of the corps will snap her up as an engineer as soon as she's ready for college."
 - Oroboros, matrix-user

"Yeh, she's a good driver, one of the best, but she keeps breakin' my drek.  Likes her privacy, but I guess thas pre'y normal fer people in her line of work."
 - Norrog, Ork fixer

Status:  Leader of Mustangs; illegal car smuggling gang

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Thu 16 Aug 2007
at 20:25
John Matthews, nickname Dread
Ork, Street Samurai

Expert in: Unarmed Combat, Handguns, Rifles, Stealth

"Word on the street is the guy's ex-Star.  Too bad he got caught up in corp politics.  Now I know a couple people who want his head on a plate and he ain't got anyone to keep him outta trouble.  At least he earned a rep as a good cop while he was on the beat."
 - Bissel, snitch

"Yeah, I know 'em.  Guy comes in, slams down half a dozen drinks, pays and leaves.  Never any trouble, but he clearly's got somethin' on his mind."
 - Colin, bartender

Status:  Active
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Mon 19 Apr 2010
at 18:59
Yokiro Watanabi, nickname 'Ronin' aka 'Zero'

Ork, Decker, Street Samurai, B&E Expert

Expert in: Ingram Smartgun, Cyberspurs, Stealth, Decking

"Hee don' come from the Barrens. No one here know 'em, no one know where he come from but we do know he don' wan no lovin' from us! Sheesh, talk about fussy! We the prettiest orks this side of the I-90..."
 - Delilah, Ork Prostitute

"Ronin? I don't know where he got his cyber but that some expensive drek. You know the kind you got to have a license just to look at, never mind fix it. Well I don't have a license, but whatever he was before he's a runner now, and when he need a check up he come to me!"
 - Nameless street doc, reported missing shortly afterwards.

Status:  Active
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Wed 26 Aug 2015
at 20:13
Anya Petracovich, street name 'Copperhead'

Human, Rigger, B&E Expert

Expert in: Stealth, Hacking, Demolitions

"Girlfriend a li'l loco, you catch me? And ugly as drek. I hear her momma was a BTL-head an' left her until the devil rats ate up her face, yum yum yum! She pay good though and she make sure no one get hurt."
 - Orange, "Human Resources"

"Anya is an honorable and loyal friend recovering from a painful and difficult life. People judge her by her face, and don't see the beautiful woman underneath."
 - Sister Evelyn, St. Dymphna's Catholic Church

Status: Active

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Wed 26 Aug 2015
at 20:23
Anders A. Thompson, nicknames 'Oen', 'Noruas'

Dwarf, Decker, B&E Expert

Expert in: Stealth, Handguns, Corporate Etiquette

"Story is, Noruas is actually a rich-kid playboy moonlighting as a decker-for-hire to get back at his parents for selling his sister off to one of those 'cure goblinization' religious camps. He's young, but he's mean!"
 - Aida, Drunk

"Noruas? Everyone expects the classic decker stereotype; short, smelly, no social graces. Let me tell you, the man can dance. The only time I've seen him in person is in the clubs, tearing it up."
 - Hairy Harry, Club-Scene Distributor

Status: Active

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Thu 7 Feb 2019
at 21:33
Capheus Warwick, Street Name 'Caduceus'

Human Shaman (Snake)

Expert in: Conjuring, Tricky Sorcery, Reading Auras

"He may look like a wimpy little caster, and don't get me wrong, he is. But he's a tricky little bugger! he'll come at you from directions you didn't even know existed!"
 - St. Velveteen, troll bruiser

"So slick. So smooth. So not interested."
 - Gingersnaps, of The Ancients

"I know heem personally for years. One of best friends! Hang out with heem all de time. Still don't know drek about hees personal life..."
 - Sly Mike, Fence

Status: Active
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Sat 9 Feb 2019
at 10:54
Terence Quigly, Street Name 'Hairy'

Ork, Street Sam, Face-in-Training

Expert in: Stealth, SMGs, Cars

"Selling this sold Peacemaker for twenty-kay. Beautiful car, cherry red, but real beat-up. Guy thinks he knows a thing about cars. Actually talks me up to thirty-five. Thirty-five! Anyway, when he found out, he busted into my flat, stole all my liquor, and burned the place down.

"With the original fifteen, I still came out ahead."

-Bald-Faced Larry, Used Car Salesman

"The man's got a hustle. I appreciate that. Used to be smashing peoples' faces in. Now he's trying to move up to management. Not a lot of thugs have that kind of forward-thinking."

-Rilbert, Iguana Shaman

"He's got good stuff, if you've got the money. Bad stuff if you don't got money. You owe him money? Well... He'll straighten you out real quick,"

-Benjie, User

Status: Active