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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 00:21
Different Date Displays
So, I *just* responded to a thread in the Wanted - GMs part of RPoL. The time stamp on my reply is/was

Sun 16 Oct 2016
at 20:15

But when the page automagically redirected me to the homepage for W:GMs it said on the far right:

1900 Thu 13 Oct by chazmo

In fact, ALL of the dates on the main page are not in tune with the actual dates/times of people's responses to the individual threads. Is this a hiccup? Because I'm not aware of any time zone differences on my home planet that would account for a three-day change in posting dates & times. ;)
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 02:44
Different Date Displays
Hum ... looks like the Wanted GMs main screen shows the name of latest poster, but date seems to be that of the latest bumpable post of the originator (ie replies within the 7 days don't seem to count in the calcualtion).

I suspect it's trying to do something clever, but it's not quite coming off.  I'll refer it over to jase to have a look at when he has the time (though I suspect this won't be on the top of his must-do list).

Thanks for pointing it out, chazmo !  :>