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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 07:02
Game Wiki Link Colors
One of my games uses the in-game wiki extensively. I have a lot of details regarding character creation, advancement, gear, abilities. It's incomplete, though -- and I'm having a little trouble spotting unfinished parts.

Normally, on a standard wiki, links that lead to an empty page are given a markedly different color than usual. I believe the normal color-scheme is red for empty links, blue for regular links, and purple for links that have been visited.

Can we have something like that for the in-game wiki? I would like to know if I've created an empty link as soon as I post a new page.
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Tue 22 Nov 2016
at 21:15
Game Wiki Link Colors
That would be nice. In a related note, is there a way to CSS the wiki at all? That could fix this issue and allow for customization.
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Tue 22 Nov 2016
at 22:03
Game Wiki Link Colors
Another option might be to have a tree overview that would list out the pages in a particular games portion of the wiki.  It could also list all the links in those pages, and if those might be able to be colored differently based on (external links, rpol references (other rpol game wiki's or game links), internal existing links, and internal non-existing links.  It could also mark pages that exist, but no link within the wiki points to them.