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Fri 17 Feb 2017
at 16:52
New message question.
Anyone have any thought as to why in a couple of games I play in that new messages are not being flagged?

It appears to only be on my computer, if I am on my phone or another computer they show up flagged as new posts.
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Fri 17 Feb 2017
at 16:58
New message question.
Possibly corrupted cookies, which can happen if you access the site from several devices, without logging out in between.

Always make sure you log out of RPoL before switching to another device.
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Fri 17 Feb 2017
at 17:09
New message question.
Thanks I'll try that.
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Sat 18 Feb 2017
at 01:13
New message question.
I hate to contradict the mighty BBR, but the important thing to do is hit "relog" on the new device.