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Sun 5 Mar 2017
at 15:03
Sending PMs to Lurkers
In the games I run, I gladly accept lurkers. Should I find myself needing a recurring NPC or extra, or have a player drop out, I like to give them first dibs on the opening.

Problem is, if they don't send me a PM (or I mistakenly delete it), the only way I can reach them is by rMail.

Could we get a button added to the Edit Lurker page that will craft a new PM to the chosen lurker?
Mr Crinkles
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Mon 6 Mar 2017
at 15:25
Sending PMs to Lurkers

   I'm all for anything that makes communication easier.
Sir Swindle
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Mon 6 Mar 2017
at 15:41
Sending PMs to Lurkers
You could just add them under an alias?
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Mon 6 Mar 2017
at 20:19
Sending PMs to Lurkers
That's what I've done. I usually add a Lurker as a "Player" with the name of Lurker and give him or her the tags NPC LURKER. Then I add them to the groups they ought to be seeing. Then if they join the game at some future point, it's really easy to just change them into a PC, or assign an existing PC to them. Plus you get all the communication of a regular player, and they - as lurkers - can ask questions or make comments if they like. I haven't had any problems so far.