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Mon 6 Mar 2017
at 20:35
Preview Glitch
Hey all,

Has anyone else experienced this?

I can log into RPOL just fine.  Can load the game I want just fine, the thread I want just fine and I can even load the posting page just fine.  I can POST just fine, but I can't preview in this one game.  Actually, I cannot preview in just one thread.

It's so frustrating.

I tried different characters to no avail.  Trying other threads and other games proved that everything worked fine everywhere else.  I tried clearing my browser cache. I tried using a different browser.

This is an intermittent problem, not a persistent one.  I have not changed anything about my computer lately, so no new software, no new hardware, no updates of consequence.  This was working a couple of hours ago.

I have experienced this before. I cannot seem to alleviate the problem with any action, it just magically goes away on its own eventually.

Anyone else run into anything like this?


I cannot post in the target thread, not can I start a new thread. This is maniacally frustrating.

EDIT: So previously, it would just time out and give me an annoying error.

Then, I swore at the server, and it let me post something, but now it won't let me edit it.  For whatever reason, this issue is localized to something I happen to want to update and I'm experiencing the issue no where else.

Here is the error I am experiencing:

Internal Error: Missing Template ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT

I wonder if this is specific to the location I am at... but I don't ALWAYS have this problem.  I'm connecting through a public wi-fi AP at a restaurant. You get the captive portal, you login. I've been posting from this location for a long time, and even quite recently. They have not made changes to their setup. I do not have AV running at this time.

At this point, it's pretty clear I'm having some kind of local issue, especially since all of the rest of RPOL works, but I'd still like to see if anyone else is having this problem so that if it is semi-common, we can offer a solution.

UPDATE: It's the Wifi at this location. I started tethering off of my phone and the problem cleared immediately. I still don't know why it's intermittently a problem, but it's very clearly an issue with their setup causing me problems.  Should have thought of that earlier, and noticed how I never have this problem anywhere else.

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