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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 17:50
Removing wiki articles
Hi. I moved some questionable content from a game wiki for a game I co Gm and put it in a non public game thread. I edited the original article to remove the content (just replaced the entire page with the text Removed).

There is a versions link where I can view previous versions that still show the questionable content.

Are these previous versions still publically viewable? How do I remove these pages AND ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS?
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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 18:15
Removing wiki articles
RPoL has wiki articles?

RPoL has wiki articles!  Oh my, look at that!

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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 13:16
Removing wiki articles
That'll be why the instructions say - "All content is visible by all members of the public, and thus must be suitable for all ages."

But yes, appreciate a) it wasn't you that put the post up in the first place and b) you've done your best to fix it.  :>

I think that's a problem, yes ... I can't find any option to either remove an older version of a page or delete a page entirely - I'll pass it on to jase to see if he can do anything with it.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.  :>
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Sat 30 Dec 2017
at 06:54
Removing wiki articles
I'm not an expert on wikis but I might have a workaround for this problem ...

To 'remove' a wiki page:

1) copy any text you want to keep from the old page
2) modify any and all links on other pages that point to the old page eg if the old link pointed to 'History' then you might rename that 'History1'
3) click on one of the newly named links and create a new page when prompted
4) paste the text you copied at step one into the new page

The old page is not technically removed, but without the link there's no way to access it - all the modified links point to the new page instead.  I don't know if the wiki will clean itself up and delete the old page if you edit and delete all the text, but might be worth a try.

You might also want to put a minus sign (aka hyphen) in the Who can edit? box as that will stop anyone but the GM from editing (not sure if that will stop co-GMs from posting).