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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 19:00
Code For Newly Created Games
A fellow RPoler showed me a code or command that enabled me to view the last twenty or so games created on the site. Does anyone know that, was it even alright to use? I for the life can't remember... Shift-ALt-ShortTerm Memory-Command???

Thanks if anyone has it, it was very nifty.
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Fri 26 Jan 2018
at 21:54
Code For Newly Created Games
Could this be what you were looking for? /info.cgi?action=rpol

It doesn't have recently created games, but it does have some stats about the site.

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Fri 9 Mar 2018
at 20:59
Code For Newly Created Games
If you're talking about what I'm thinking of, years ago you could get a list of all the games on the site sorted by creation date. AFAIK that function was either removed or restricted to mods due to the absurd load it put on the database.