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Thu 8 Mar 2018
at 13:41
Couldn't reply to an rmail due to a dead game
Bug report I suppose this is.

Having joined a new game similiar in setting I went to an old rmail discussion to a player I recalled fondly. I was unable to make a reply. The rpol system was reporting that such and such game doesnt exist.

A little puzzled.

The rmail thread does have links to old games that we had moved onto. It appears the reply processing is seeing that those links are invalid so stopping any new message. Even though those links are in much older messages and not the new one.

I was able to make a brand new rmail thread in an attempt to contact the old friend. Mind you, a bit of a loss as using the old thread would have prompted memory better.

Link to rmail thread available on request. Wasn't sure if posting that here would violate the posting rules.
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Thu 8 Mar 2018
at 15:08
Couldn't reply to an rmail due to a dead game
Given my understanding of how rMailing characters works, that might be intentional. I could very well be wrong though. It's probably worthwhile to get your friend's rpol name and rMail that instead of the character.

And I don't think you can link the rMail thread at all, a mod would have to go and look.
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Thu 8 Mar 2018
at 19:57
Couldn't reply to an rmail due to a dead game
In reply to Brygun (msg # 1):

Sorry, not a bug.  It's working as intended.

And no, sending a link to an rMail to anybody other than the people who are involved in that conversation would be pointless, as they still could not read it.
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 13:47
Hate to contradict BBR, but...
It's a bit of both.  Working as intended, but now I think about it I don't think there's any reason why the game must continue to exist.  The rMail is actually stored with all the user details intact, they're just concealed behind character names (until you reply).  The character names are actually also cached in part of the rMail so looking having the game still around isn't required (as far as my hazy memory can recollect).

I think I can actually remove the requirement for the game to still exist without there being any undesirable effects.  Let me ponder and test it a little more, but I think I can rip that requirement out.