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3.5 dnd dabbler necromancer   [last]Mortannis1100:59, Wed 08 Mar by Mortannis
Player looking for HERO System 5E   [last]Cody Reimers323:38, Tue 07 Mar by DiegoD89
Looking for solo game or games.   [last]Bannacor221:46, Mon 06 Mar by DiegoD89
Looking for a game of Eclipse Phase   [last]Quasar_42422:08, Sun 05 Mar by Quasar_42
Dungeon World   [last]klingsmith.a1119:36, Fri 03 Mar by mintgreeen
Looking for Small Game with Horror, Urban Fantasy or Fantasy   [last]Silaedriel419:39, Thu 02 Mar by Silaedriel
D&D 5e   [last]grezo2012719:24, Thu 02 Mar by Silaedriel
Wishlist with some Odd SystemsAlchemiaCure018:43, Thu 02 Mar by the author
COD: Changeling Character Concept   [last]Kensan_Oni214:42, Thu 02 Mar by Kensan_Oni
The One Ring - Epic CampaignWolfScout007:02, Thu 02 Mar by the author
Looking for solo/small game of L5R 4e   [last]kuromium521:41, Tue 28 Feb by zylphyr
Looking for dedicated (co-)GM - (almost) any system.   [last]odysseasdallas522:50, Mon 27 Feb by EricW
Cyberpunk 2020   [last]SWPidgeon2016:07, Mon 27 Feb by BlzBub666
I just want to play PathfinderTD004:19, Sun 26 Feb by the author
Looking for a home for these PCs (D&D, MnM, BESM, etc)   [last]LunarKitty603:19, Sat 25 Feb by DiegoD89
Homes for Characters!   [last]JediMaster007217:12, Fri 24 Feb by JediMaster007
Looking for a Western?   [last]RossN216:07, Fri 24 Feb by Davy Jones
Looking to learn Vampire: the Masquerade   [last]NightingalesOath204:38, Thu 23 Feb by robertod
My Games Wishlistmintgreeen018:15, Wed 22 Feb by the author
Pathfinder Gestalt w/3rd party, or Fantasy Craft   [last]Davtehprophet202:01, Wed 22 Feb by mintgreeen
Anima: Beyond Fantasy   [last]Knight_Vassal1418:13, Tue 21 Feb by Tyr Hawk
D&D 3.5--I want to be your shopkeeper   [last]Durgion1319:34, Mon 20 Feb by Lord_Johnny
PF Alternate Rules (E6 or Automatic Bonus Progression)National Acrobat017:05, Sun 19 Feb by the author
Need Co-GM for Adult FreeForm (Encounters & Stangers)   [last]deg107:35, Sat 18 Feb by deg
solo/low playercount openended pathfinder?   [last]Azraile305:04, Fri 17 Feb by Lord_Johnny
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