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Terminator in the late 1800s   [last]doom291692116:02, Wed 01 Feb by doom29169
Solo Pathfinder adventure   [last]Lord_Johnny715:36, Tue 31 Jan by Topsy
Relaxed (at least combat-wise) Exalted game   [last]Nether114:45, Tue 31 Jan by Nether
Solo AD&D 1st Edition   [last]Radnoff323:27, Mon 30 Jan by philpot
Seeking a freeform Batman game   [first|last]TD3518:45, Sun 29 Jan by TD
Freeform Necromancer   [last]pnvq12516:53, Sun 29 Jan by RedTeamPyro
Looking for an AD&D game   [last]Der Rot Konig418:23, Sat 28 Jan by Jeffery St. Clair
Wonder and Horror Superheroes   [last]Tortuga106:47, Sat 28 Jan by StarlitSpider
Numenera   [last]cooneydad316:57, Thu 26 Jan by cooneydad
Mongoose Traveller   [last]OwlCheez202:18, Thu 26 Jan by OwlCheez
D&D 3.5 - Home for an odd/slightly powerful character   [last]Flarelord117:21, Tue 24 Jan by Wandering Soul
Scion (Solo or Small Group)   [last]MrInsecure1017:15, Tue 24 Jan by Knight_Vassal
4e D&D   [first|last]engine3615:59, Tue 24 Jan by h3athrow
Dark side Star Wars game   [last]DreamingGod907:29, Tue 24 Jan by Bod Man
Super heroes, more street level   [last]ScooterinAB503:49, Tue 24 Jan by SKINer
ISO Some Games   [first|last]Tigra3422:48, Sun 22 Jan by Tigra
Introductory Star Wars (FFG) game   [last]OwlCheez411:37, Sun 22 Jan by seraphmoon
Partner wanted for Serenity/Firefly story   [last]DancesInRain207:33, Sun 22 Jan by horus
Shadowrun please   [first|last]doom291694022:35, Sat 21 Jan by Kurodani
Magic centered freeform concept   [last]gladiusdei321:47, Sat 21 Jan by Alex Vriairu
Where are all the FATE games at?Godslayer006:18, Sat 21 Jan by the author
Ars Magica 5e   [last]Shadowsmith305:17, Sat 21 Jan by callen
Looking for a gm to run some games.thecoolkitten003:17, Wed 18 Jan by the author
Looking for any D&D game who needs a highly active player   [last]DeadSlayer54306:40, Mon 16 Jan by DeadSlayer54
Searching for ANY DnD 4e Game   [last]onlie2004705:04, Mon 16 Jan by h3athrow
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