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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Godbound   [last]Sir Swindle802:14, Today by Sir Swindle
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez42716:31, Yesterday by Starchaser
Fate Accelerated   [last]Yozi216:25, Yesterday by Yaztromo
Starfinder   [last]bburdi02715:39, Yesterday by KStar
Shadow of the Demon Lord   [last]Andhaira319:17, Wed 18 Oct by SunsetMage
Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [first|last]onlie20044013:27, Wed 18 Oct by onlie2004
Eclipse Phase/M&M 3ed Sci Fi game   [last]Tarrakhash312:55, Wed 18 Oct by Tarrakhash
Battletech A time of war   [last]cholt752207:34, Wed 18 Oct by bblaney
Game wanted   [last]Zadian506:31, Wed 18 Oct by Zadian
dX game, without too much politicsV_V004:47, Wed 18 Oct by the author
Looking for a Rogue Trader game for an Ork.   [last]NotTheRedWire1303:11, Wed 18 Oct by NotTheRedWire
Old School Crawl?   [last]Justisaur122:58, Tue 17 Oct by Dustyny
Looking for a D&D 3.5 gameRothos1018:44, Tue 17 Oct by the author
WANTED: Pathfinder Newbie Friendly Game   [last]MrKrrtft304:45, Tue 17 Oct by MrKrrtft
John Carter of Mars   [last]Bannacor902:52, Tue 17 Oct by Yaztromo
Building an empire!   [last]Lord_Johnny1502:32, Tue 17 Oct by Lord_Johnny
Hope To Play   [last]Alyse401:53, Tue 17 Oct by Alyse
Changeling the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition   [last]jollygrin600:47, Tue 17 Oct by liblarva
Looking for a solo Mutants & Masterminds 2E gameVarsovian023:14, Sun 15 Oct by the author
Rogue Trader   [last]Imperator-Dei2321:55, Sat 14 Oct by Idej
super heroes   [last]Phantom Mouse118:54, Sat 14 Oct by Bod Man
Princess The Hopeful - Magical Girl Team needs a GM   [last]Chenroth501:22, Sat 14 Oct by Chenroth
Rogue Trader GM?Hexariah015:35, Fri 13 Oct by the author
Advanced Fighting Fantasy on Barsoom!   [last]Yaztromo403:10, Fri 13 Oct by kbdevil1a
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