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Looking for AD&D 1e PbP   [last]thawizkid221:57, Fri 26 May by thawizkid
Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [first|last]onlie20042602:43, Fri 26 May by jkeogh
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A chance to play AD&D 2nd EditionDiegoD89018:58, Thu 25 May by the author
Player wanting to play the ShadowCaster Tome of Magic class   [last]DeadSlayer54417:05, Thu 25 May by Mystic-Scholar
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Changeling 20th Anniversary   [last]bogganboss808:20, Thu 25 May by Violetpanda
Wanted: GM willing to help me learn the ropes   [last]persnicketypeahen501:05, Thu 25 May by Furyou Miko
Space 1889   [last]Bannacor921:19, Wed 24 May by StarMaster
Looking to try new games   [last]ParanetKid321:13, Wed 24 May by ennervance
5E D&D Starting above Level 1   [last]Lord Psynister116:53, Wed 24 May by eternaldarkness
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Pathfinder or 3.5   [last]Mortannis518:28, Mon 22 May by Mortannis
Pathfinder   [last]doom29169114:26, Mon 22 May by pawncheck
Bleach D20 Classless?   [last]ultima22689507:21, Mon 22 May by ultima22689
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