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Looking for a Rifts game....   [last]phoenix9lives1907:16, Thu 13 July by phoenix9lives
Torg Eternity   [last]Utsukushi106:24, Thu 13 July by BlzBub666
Looking for Gestalt 3.5 Temple of Elemental Evil/WLD   [last]GrizzlyBear912304:51, Wed 12 July by JRScott
Solo/Small Group Game   [last]pnvq12100:54, Wed 12 July by oldschoolfool
Experienced Pathfinder Players Seek Game w/ Verisimilitude   [last]Shannae116:24, Tue 11 July by oldschoolfool
Building an empire!   [last]Lord_Johnny121:27, Mon 10 July by Lord_Johnny
Shadowrun 4e   [last]Mr. Johnson319:21, Mon 10 July by NowhereMan
Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius 2d20)   [last]TCArknight218:37, Mon 10 July by TCArknight
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and SpaceRamis00017:32, Mon 10 July by Beth
First time playing on RPoL anyone have any openings?(DnD 5e)   [last]Qtip212:24, Mon 10 July by mickey65
Complete beginner looking for first D&d 5e campaign   [last]Aerista419:45, Sat 08 July by Aerista
Gamma World?   [last]Dr. Mindermast215:35, Sat 08 July by jamat
Asst GMs wanted for long-running settlement game [ADULT]   [first|last]Morgan Coldsoul3417:29, Wed 05 July by Morgan Coldsoul
Shadowrun   [last]NowhereMan816:30, Wed 05 July by NowhereMan
Champions - Deathstroke   [last]DiegoD89423:15, Sun 02 July by DiegoD89
HERO System (Champions) - Looking for a GM   [last]DiegoD89123:15, Sun 02 July by DiegoD89
Beginner for Anything   [last]Adequate_Toaster410:36, Sun 02 July by werewolf43
A song of Ice and Fire, beginnerBastian005:47, Sun 02 July by the author
Bleach D20 Classless?   [last]ultima22689800:34, Fri 30 June by ultima22689
RWBY or Steaven UniverseAtlas71491019:06, Thu 29 June by the author
Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [first|last]onlie20043218:49, Thu 29 June by onlie2004
Princess The Hopeful - Magical Girl Team needs a GMChenroth002:02, Thu 29 June by the author
Masks replacement GMParanetKid011:36, Wed 28 June by the author
Old player back   [last]craeric104:42, Tue 27 June by rgrnwood
Player requesting Pathfinder Kingmaker AP   [last]bmsattler600:52, Tue 27 June by mabmoro
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