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4th Edition Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [last]onlie2004513:43, Sun 15 July by onlie2004
A Gundam strategy game   [last]Hakazu713:06, Sun 15 July by tommy2k4
Looking for Semi-Sandbox 5E D&D   [last]Pat912:54, Sun 15 July by Pat
Larhas looks for games!   [last]Larhas602:43, Sun 15 July by Larhas
Conan the Barbarian, Hyborian Kingdons.   [last]Bannacor820:06, Sat 14 July by Bannacor
I want to play a doomed character. (roleplay over roll-play)jess_car_fix019:46, Sat 14 July by the author
D&D 5e   [last]tmagann817:19, Sat 14 July by tmagann
Blade of the Iron Throne (learning and adventuring)   [last]LandWalker101:33, Sat 14 July by Hatteras
Epic Wheel of Time   [last]Sardis623:51, Fri 13 July by Sardis
The Devil's in the Details - Gestalt, D&D 3.0/3.5, 1st level   [last]Sardis1123:51, Fri 13 July by Sardis
Only Droids Need Apply (Star Wars: SAGA edition; level 16+)   [last]Sardis223:50, Fri 13 July by Sardis
Dragon age   [last]jamat1221:38, Fri 13 July by belovedshadows
Wanted: Pathfinder game   [last]celticfanatic118:57, Fri 13 July by tommy2k4
Adult ASOIAF   [last]thattripletguy817:43, Fri 13 July by LordIce
Hunter x Hunter   [last]kensai1012:13, Fri 13 July by kensai
Storyteller wanted for Promethean: The Created 2E   [last]glad-of-war107:38, Fri 13 July by Rook Seidhr
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