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Game wanted   [last]Zadian820:56, Thu 09 Nov by Zadian
D20 Mass Effect?   [last]JediMaster0071020:40, Wed 08 Nov by tehwanderer
4th Edition D&D   [last]engine2104:47, Wed 08 Nov by tehwanderer
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteous   [last]eggellis303:58, Wed 08 Nov by corwyn42
The Dark Eye 5e   [last]Andhaira2318:42, Sun 05 Nov by Andhaira
The One Ring: several interested in playing, but need a GM   [last]Spyrogyra216:26, Sun 05 Nov by Alyse
Looking for a Stellar Adventures game   [last]Yaztromo223:51, Sat 04 Nov by Yaztromo
L5R 4e GM?GIJoo021:20, Sat 04 Nov by the author
DM for Pathfinder AP - Solo Party, Mature   [last]Ventrikel618:36, Sat 04 Nov by Ventrikel
Rogue Trader   [first|last]Imperator-Dei2607:10, Sat 04 Nov by Knight_Vassal
MHR with *Player* Created Characters   [last]Davy Jones323:58, Thu 02 Nov by Justisaur
Amber, maybe others   [last]PaulK405:58, Thu 02 Nov by Hapax Legomenon
Halloween Heroes Unlimited   [last]Pookaking501:53, Thu 02 Nov by phoenix9lives
Advanced Fighting Fantasy on Barsoom!   [last]Yaztromo1201:52, Thu 02 Nov by Aslanii76
Looking for Oriental Adventures (D&D or retroclone)RossN001:49, Wed 01 Nov by the author
Earthdawn - any version.   [last]dulldreams308:05, Tue 31 Oct by dulldreams
Dungeon World in, you know, a dungeon.   [last]engine316:33, Mon 30 Oct by shapeshade
How about Coriolis?   [last]Varsovian810:36, Mon 30 Oct by jamat
WANTED: Pathfinder Newbie Friendly Game   [last]MrKrrtft606:51, Wed 25 Oct by MrKrrtft
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Solo Game   [last]TommyBombadil100:14, Tue 24 Oct by RodRedline
D20 Modern Gestalt   [last]Gray-Exile43923:42, Mon 23 Oct by Gray-Exile43
Exalted 2.5e Fair Folk/Raksha. Or other systems similar.Mero016:57, Mon 23 Oct by the author
does anyone want to rp? need team   [last]sonyup108:18, Mon 23 Oct by icosahedron152
A Simple Request   [last]AscendedMaster200:58, Sat 21 Oct by AscendedMaster
Seeking PbtA DBZ   [last]Nintaku1517:40, Fri 20 Oct by Nintaku
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