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Looking for a D&D 3.5 psionics friendly game?Rothos1003:26, Sun 08 Apr by the author
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Overlord style game   [last]Aurzel612:59, Wed 04 Apr by Constantine05
Low-level PCs with Artifacts & Major Magic Items(D&D 5/3.5)   [last]LunarKitty923:39, Tue 03 Apr by billiam
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder   [last]Finn MacCool1208:35, Tue 03 Apr by belowa2x4
Looking for Adventures in Middle-Earth game [DD 5e]Devilish005:38, Tue 03 Apr by the author
SW Edge of the Empire Smuggler/Mercenary Game   [last]Slenk814:30, Mon 02 Apr by SimianNym
SW: Broken Earth or Darwin's WorldSlenk011:56, Mon 02 Apr by the author
Werewolf the ApocalypseMalevolent002:28, Mon 02 Apr by the author
Star wars   [last]Hakazu110:18, Sun 01 Apr by baxtheslayer
Looking for an Infinite Worlds GameAdam_Warnock005:29, Sat 31 Mar by the author
Looking for a Stellar Adventures game   [last]Yaztromo303:36, Sat 31 Mar by Yaztromo
5th Ed.Kerbouchard019:25, Thu 29 Mar by the author
Crazy game idea (Exalted/WoD crossover)   [last]SillySnowFox817:33, Thu 29 Mar by Etheric
GURPS lite?   [last]absentnormality108:32, Thu 29 Mar by Ghost of Flatwoods
Exalted 2.5   [last]V_V1502:50, Wed 28 Mar by Knight_Vassal
Legend of the Five Rings   [last]Sengoku415:22, Tue 27 Mar by animeskippy
Looking for an introduction to Fate Accelerated   [last]Yaztromo905:57, Tue 27 Mar by Yaztromo
Star Wars d20 Clone Wars   [last]Finn MacCool1702:00, Tue 27 Mar by Finn MacCool
New player looking for a simple game   [last]the-infinite-juice301:55, Tue 27 Mar by Yaztromo
Hope To Play   [first|last]Alyse2808:47, Sun 25 Mar by Alyse
Advanced Fighting Fantasy game on the world of Titan   [last]Yaztromo300:06, Sun 25 Mar by Yaztromo
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