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Earthdawn?   [last]Dr. Mindermast1522:49, Mon 04 Feb by Bane Root
Legend of the Five Rings (5e)   [last]Hatten1222:05, Mon 04 Feb by DedicatedArugala
Seeking GM for Pathfinder game.   [last]Luney1213:18, Mon 04 Feb by Luney1
Looking for a Co-GM for a West Marches GameRosstoFalstaff013:15, Mon 04 Feb by the author
Bootleggers   [last]LordIce720:40, Sat 02 Feb by LordIce
Wuxia meets Pathfinder (Gestalt 16th+)   [first|last]Sardis2801:16, Sat 02 Feb by Sardis
Seeking Rifts Game, Palladium or Savage Worlds   [last]CDragon917:39, Fri 01 Feb by CDragon
Returning PlayerJo Holt007:57, Fri 01 Feb by the author
Dnd 5ed   [last]Retias204:39, Fri 01 Feb by Retias
Blue Planet?   [last]Kilgs100:37, Fri 01 Feb by korodikrisz
ShadowRun ... pref. in a system other than its native one?   [last]Samus Aran215:47, Thu 31 Jan by nevermore98
Piercing the veil - exploring the unknown (sci-fi)   [last]Redefinition710:56, Thu 31 Jan by Redefinition
Looking for a game where one players a Ruler (Noble or God)Myrddin Emyr007:03, Wed 30 Jan by the author
Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt   [last]Balthazar302:43, Wed 30 Jan by Balthazar
Bloodstone Modules in 3.0/3.5 - 15th Level Gestalt   [last]byzantinex102:19, Mon 28 Jan by byzantinex
More Star Wars Edge of Empire   [last]modestmouse102:07, Sun 27 Jan by Hakazu
Adult ASOIAF   [last]thattripletguy120:32, Sat 26 Jan by RosstoFalstaff
Warhammer 40k   [last]Novocrane712:06, Sat 26 Jan by Novocrane
Dungeon crawl.   [last]Balthazar600:38, Sat 26 Jan by zagygthemad
Looking for 1-2 GMs for my rpMhhh019:19, Fri 25 Jan by the author
Seeking GM for D&D 5E gritty longterm campaign   [last]Arenlor121:35, Thu 24 Jan by LonePaladin
Looking for a Star Wars fan   [last]TwoDevils918:54, Thu 24 Jan by Godzfirefly
Mid-lvl DnD 3.5/Pathfinder, Nature Themed, Forgotten Realms   [last]Sardis912:15, Thu 24 Jan by Balthazar
Song of Swordswolf_fighter_yugo007:56, Thu 24 Jan by the author
Wanted: Co-GM for a very intricate freeform fairy tale game   [last]TheatricalHysterics121:20, Wed 23 Jan by TheatricalHysterics
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