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Adding the "solo" option in game search and advertising?   [last]Yaztromo421:21, Sat 13 May by Alex Vriairu
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How tricky can the die roller get?   [last]badpenny113:50, Sat 22 Apr by jase
Ability to post dice formula   [last]renortis703:48, Mon 20 Mar by byzantinex
User interface change poll.   [last]IamJacksUsername715:15, Mon 06 Mar by DarkLightHitomi
Clickable Character Sheets to Dice Roller   [last]byzantinex1104:02, Sat 04 Mar by byzantinex
Secret/Private messages   [last]Falkhor905:21, Wed 01 Mar by horus
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Dice Roller: Shadowrun 4th- and 5th-EditionsLonePaladin016:18, Wed 04 Jan by the author
Dice Roller - Earthdawn: Age of Legendppwhere018:59, Tue 03 Jan by the author
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Game map name   [last]Skald2003:40, Tue 20 Dec 2016 by LonePaladin
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