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 TopicAuthorGenre(s)Game SystemRepliesLatest Comment
Far From Home - Humans from Earth end up in Faerûn   [last]Ethereal HauntingAction/Adventure, Fantasy ADungeons & Dragons 5e209:49, Mon 16 Jan by Ethereal Haunting
(NWOD Hunter: The Vigil) Mass Effect: Slip StreamJedieightytwoAction/Adventure, Future, Sci-Fi *APNew World of Darkness008:19, Mon 16 Jan by the author
(C&C) Heroes of the Haunted Highlands   [last]pawndreamFantasy *Castles and Crusades1804:08, Mon 16 Jan by pawndream
SWN: Beyond the Known   [last]ashbergSci-Fi *MPStars Without Number123:36, Sun 15 Jan by explosiveghast
Long Running Game seeks Players!   [last]Luney1Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Intrigue *MPPathfinder, Forgotten Realms, …Pathfinder, Forgotten Realms, Dungeons & Dragons622:27, Sun 15 Jan by Luney1
AD&D v2 in the Judges Guild's Wilderlands of High Fantasy   [last]virtual4sightFantasy, Medieval *MPDungeons & Dragons 2.01622:14, Sun 15 Jan by virtual4sight
Romance in Chronicles of Darkness   [last]hobgobContemporary, Horror, Supernatural *MPChronicles of Darkness121:42, Sun 15 Jan by hobgob
First time GM running Call of Cthulhu   [last]Quasar_42Action/Adventure, Historical, Horror *MCall of Cthulhu 7e221:23, Sun 15 Jan by iskallor
Pretty standard Apocalypse World gameLordIceAction/Adventure, Apocalyptic AApocalypse World020:22, Sun 15 Jan by the author
Classic Call of Cthulhu   [last]witch_hunter007Horror *MPCall of Cthulhu d100 rules718:48, Sun 15 Jan by witch_hunter007
Free-Form: Once Upon A Time....   [last]RezAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Horror *MFree-form1115:51, Sun 15 Jan by Rez
Pathfinder: Savvy!RezHorror, Medieval, Survival *MPathfinder015:48, Sun 15 Jan by the author
Magic the Gathering card game - ALWAYS OPEN   [last]jeffgsonStrategy *Magic the Gathering card game1015:17, Sun 15 Jan by matthewfenn
Seeking Players for A Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Community   [last]i2amsocialAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval *MPDungeons & Dragons 3.51115:10, Sun 15 Jan by i2amsocial
New D&D 4E game starting.   [last]jacktanneryAction/Adventure, Apocalyptic, Fantasy MDungeons & Dragons 4311:22, Sun 15 Jan by jacktannery
Savage Worlds: World of the Dead   [last]Samus AranApocalyptic, Horror, Survival *ASavage Worlds (World of the Dead)107:33, Sun 15 Jan by Samus Aran
Random Character Creation   [last]HantoMedieval APDungeons & Dragons 5e504:42, Sun 15 Jan by cooneydad
Solo Pokemon Game   [last]AurzelAction/Adventure, Anime *Pokemon Tabletop United 1.05204:23, Sun 15 Jan by Aurzel
DnD 3.5 Adventure Awaits   [last]DurgionAction/Adventure, Fantasy *MPDungeons & Dragons 3.5203:44, Sun 15 Jan by Durgion
New Dark Conspiracy Campaign   [last]Der Rot KonigApocalyptic, Horror, Sci-Fi *MDark Conspiracy - 1st Edition2203:31, Sun 15 Jan by Der Rot Konig
Looking for heroes and maybe some Buffy natives   [last]Rothos1Superhuman, Supernatural *Mutants and Masterminds103:21, Sun 15 Jan by Rothos1
Wanna roleplay in the world of New York Mafia?   [last]WayofthewickedContemporary, Drama *APFree-form102:28, Sun 15 Jan by steelsmiter
Looking for 5-6 playersinsaneplotsAction/Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy *AAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd ED023:51, Sat 14 Jan by the author
The Dark Rises~PurpleMystAction/Adventure, Anime, Fantasy *MPFree-form023:25, Sat 14 Jan by the author
looking for survivors.   [last]UnknownSoldier86Anime, Apocalyptic, Survival *MFree-form222:15, Sat 14 Jan by UnknownSoldier86
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