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Star Trek/Starfleet Battles; advice, opinion and possibly IC   [last]witchdoctor1916:51, Thu 04 May by RossN
IC: Prowlers & Paragons [a superhero campaign]   [last]badpenny1020:19, Tue 02 May by badpenny
Tales from the Loop   [last]Tortuga501:55, Sat 29 Apr by Tortuga
Old West Game   [last]hegemon1622:56, Fri 28 Apr by Alternate.Pseudonym
IC Numenera-esque game using Fate Core   [last]JayDean421:35, Fri 28 Apr by PoshPenguin
Two Games I'm considering   [last]RotnSoul720:16, Wed 26 Apr by RotnSoul
Futuristic Post Apocolyptic RPG   [last]FiendishFoliage713:18, Wed 26 Apr by odysseasdallas
[IC] Original Super Heroes with a homebrew system   [last]Archsaint813:07, Wed 26 Apr by Archsaint
[IC] Domain Campaign   [last]Jhaelan512:56, Wed 26 Apr by Jhaelan
[IC] Street Fighter   [last]deadmanshand2105:37, Tue 25 Apr by deadmanshand
Pathfinder advice, 5e or pathfinder? And IC   [last]Surgere2000:38, Tue 25 Apr by Karack
Thieves turning good guys Interest check   [last]Karixia312:57, Mon 24 Apr by HEarlPendelfield
Magical time travel game, possibly using MtA 2nd edition   [last]gladiusdei605:06, Mon 24 Apr by gladiusdei
Servants of the Dark Lord [FATE or Maid]   [last]Norwood521:09, Fri 21 Apr by Tarrakhash
[IC] Gurps TL 11 colonization   [last]tmagann318:15, Thu 20 Apr by tmagann
D&D 3.5-Strange classes or races   [last]L0st S0ul918:08, Thu 20 Apr by L0st S0ul
IC: Starship Troopers   [last]Gamergirl606:08, Thu 20 Apr by horus
[BESM 3.0] Persona Game   [last]Karixia419:19, Tue 18 Apr by Karixia
IC New game system discussion, development, and testing.   [last]DarkLightHitomi605:58, Tue 18 Apr by DarkLightHitomi
[IC] Star Wars EotE or AoR   [last]CaptainAmerica1115:42, Mon 17 Apr by CaptainAmerica
[IC] Midnight Campaign Setting / Middle-Earth D&D 5e System   [last]locojedi1017:00, Thu 13 Apr by locojedi
IC: 4th Edition Eberron game set in Sharn   [last]engine617:15, Tue 11 Apr by engine
IC: SBURB GLITCHRaiu007:22, Tue 11 Apr by the author
Ars Magica in the 16th Century   [last]Shadowsmith1802:55, Tue 11 Apr by Shadowsmith
[BESM 3.0] NARUTO BESM STYLE   [last]Karixia317:37, Mon 10 Apr by Karixia
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