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Ars Magica in the 16th Century   [last]Shadowsmith1802:55, Tue 11 Apr by Shadowsmith
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RPG taking place in post apocalyptic Supermarket?   [last]Irall213:04, Thu 06 Apr by HEarlPendelfield
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Help with Custom Spell Force Umbrella   [last]byzantinex1116:07, Wed 05 Apr by byzantinex
Highlander   [last]Rothos11718:51, Tue 04 Apr by Rothos1
Transformers RPG   [last]LordIce714:14, Sun 02 Apr by LordIce
Chaos Earth   [last]Rokosha502:45, Thu 30 Mar by Durandal_1707
Vampire: OWOD vs NWOD vs COD   [last]gladiusdei1522:59, Wed 29 Mar by wyrmpuff
(A Time of War) Poor Figgy InfantrySarge019:59, Wed 29 Mar by the author
IC: Hogwarts game using Microscope RPG rulesFrankenDoom017:37, Tue 28 Mar by the author
Shadow of the Demon Lord   [last]CaesarCV1619:49, Mon 27 Mar by CaesarCV
Avatar: The Last Airbender-esque Freeform RP   [last]Angara1001:47, Fri 24 Mar by Angara
World's in Peril game interest   [last]Nyctophile500:17, Fri 24 Mar by StarlitSpider
Survival and prosperity game IC and advice   [last]csroy511:18, Mon 20 Mar by odysseasdallas
Mercs vs Zombies. Fancy capturing a zombie-infested island?   [last]icosahedron152805:36, Mon 20 Mar by icosahedron152
Shadowrun- deal with a dragon: IC and edition question   [last]gladiusdei1501:43, Sun 19 Mar by Raiu
Psionic-focused D&D 5e   [last]Dirigible2017:46, Sat 18 Mar by Dirigible
Freeform Idea   [last]AlchemiaCure402:34, Wed 15 Mar by AlchemiaCure
Yu-Gi-Oh! Game (Duels determined by Dueling Nexus)   [last]Karixia713:01, Sun 12 Mar by Norwood
IC: Werewolf the Forsaken (nWoD) demo   [last]Rawgrave107:16, Fri 10 Mar by Thruxus
IC:D&D 5e DM generated characters   [last]tmagann920:46, Thu 09 Mar by tmagann
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