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Interest Check: slightly homebrewed DnD   [last]mickey651415:39, Wed 12 July by mickey65
IC : The Great Pendragon Campaign   [last]D0d93r714:10, Tue 11 July by D0d93r
[IC] Scion: Hero   [last]Zarazel604:18, Tue 11 July by Zarazel
Doctor Who   [last]liblarva902:16, Tue 11 July by liblarva
interest check: Warhammer 40k using adapted Star wars f&dLordIce017:01, Mon 10 July by the author
Ghostbusters [nWoD]   [last]cyclopticox916:00, Sat 08 July by Merevel
[IC]Vignettes and Valor: Freeform Fantasy with a Twist   [last]Raker1002:33, Fri 07 July by Raker
Plot advice needed: "You forget all this."   [last]CrazyIvan7771118:07, Thu 06 July by LoreGuard
[IC] Free-form City Games (Sci-fi or Fantasy)Zyke000:34, Thu 06 July by the author
Neurospasta 5E   [last]Grungi306:43, Wed 05 July by Grungi
Interest Check:  Historical Middle Ages / Fantasy (D&D: 3.5)   [last]Black.Knight1407:36, Tue 04 July by Black.Knight
Apocalypse World Roanapur (Black Lagoon)   [last]Togashi Kenshin521:02, Mon 03 July by Togashi Kenshin
IC : Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition   [last]Bane Root718:12, Mon 03 July by Bane Root
In-game formatting SOP?   [last]Tiggerunner805:53, Sun 02 July by DarkLightHitomi
Star trek game (Freeform or 2d20)   [last]Li'l_lisa900:32, Sun 02 July by Big Brother
[IC] Cthulhu Dark   [last]M-Type323:17, Sat 01 July by Gaffer
Princess the Hopeful Game   [last]Togashi Kenshin1621:06, Thu 29 June by Togashi Kenshin
Victoriana horror/fantasy game   [last]Li'l_lisa517:58, Tue 27 June by Li'l_lisa
IC: Quake 1 play test?   [last]rgrnwood304:18, Tue 27 June by rgrnwood
Plot hook help needed: Sudden houseguest   [last]CrazyIvan777801:28, Sun 25 June by Karack
[Interect Check] BFRPG Gamemickey65015:18, Sat 24 June by the author
IC: White Star (aka Sci-Fi Swords and Wizardry OSR fun)Timbo1974013:20, Sat 24 June by the author
Exalted 3E MortalsEkorren012:04, Sat 24 June by the author
[IC] Lost Mines of Phandelver   [last]GammaBear1021:12, Thu 22 June by GammaBear
D&D High-Level Campaign, which edition should I choose?   [last]Aenarion1418:28, Thu 22 June by Aenarion
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