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[Interest Check] GURPS DFRPG   [last]evileeyore1504:37, Tue 31 Oct by evileeyore
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[Advice] D&D 3.5 Epic "?" Verisimilitude  vs. Ease of play   [last]V_V1314:19, Sun 29 Oct by Knight_Vassal
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IC: Scooby Doo Monster of the Week   [last]Bod Man211:50, Fri 27 Oct by Alyse
God Game advice for prospective game   [first|last]spectre2700:30, Fri 27 Oct by horus
Interest Check: Forgotten Futures   [last]RainyDayNinja321:25, Wed 25 Oct by shapeshade
Force and Destiny with an X-Men twist   [last]KraznyOctobr1602:09, Tue 24 Oct by KraznyOctobr
D20 Mass Effect?   [last]JediMaster007218:40, Sun 22 Oct by bigbadron
IC : Battlelords of the 23rd Century 7th edition   [last]Bane Root415:25, Sat 21 Oct by Bane Root
Elite Dangerous RPG   [last]Silent Hunter206:33, Sat 21 Oct by kbdevil1a
Interest Check: playtesting new MOTW type game: ALL HALLOWSshapeshade015:13, Fri 20 Oct by the author
Legend of the Five Rings 5e Beta One Shot?   [last]DukeAtreides1405:12, Fri 20 Oct by Ekoba
IC: Twilight: 2000 - Escape from Kalisz   [last]mediiic1014:21, Thu 19 Oct by mediiic
IC: Dungeon Callers   [first|last]Lord Gwydion2905:23, Thu 19 Oct by Lord Gwydion
Playtest my (adult) horror RPG!   [last]steelsmiter815:45, Mon 16 Oct by steelsmiter
IC: Warhammer 40K, Powered by Apocalypse Hack   [last]pnvq12315:30, Fri 13 Oct by pnvq12
IC: Savage Worlds Evernight   [last]Hoplite407:32, Fri 13 Oct by Hoplite
Old School AD&D group initiative for PbP?   [last]Justisaur402:46, Fri 13 Oct by horus
Starfinder + Space Station 13?   [last]Keroman319:20, Wed 11 Oct by Bod Man
Space Strategy based on Firestorm Armada   [last]mydrid101:40, Tue 10 Oct by horus
(Hentai) Visual Novels Powered By The Apocalypse?   [last]steelsmiter1904:07, Mon 09 Oct by steelsmiter
OSR Game?   [first|last]EvilGenius2515:32, Sat 07 Oct by tulgurth
Atomic highway?   [last]rabideldar615:37, Fri 06 Oct by rabideldar
W20 Kinfolk A breed apart, any interest?   [last]Celestial WArrior1303:11, Fri 06 Oct by Celestial WArrior
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