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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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World Wide Wrestling   [last]cyclopticox100:56, Yesterday by Smoot
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IC my Criminal Sandbox game in Saints Row 4 v. 2   [last]steelsmiter908:25, Sat 15 Dec by steelsmiter
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Curious about methods for Savage World initiative   [last]Phantom Mouse1513:00, Tue 11 Dec by DarkLightHitomi
IC-Mage the awakening   [last]gladiusdei920:50, Mon 10 Dec by gladiusdei
IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)   [last]Feast416:23, Mon 10 Dec by Feast
(IC) Stars Without Number   [last]victor_211213:59, Sun 09 Dec by victor_21
NWOD or COD which one is played more?   [last]gladiusdei820:38, Thu 06 Dec by gladiusdei
Traveller d20   [last]snowflake618:50, Thu 06 Dec by Hunter
Time Travel Game   [last]Tortuga1517:01, Thu 06 Dec by Tortuga
NWOD mage game with possible low number crossover PCs   [last]gladiusdei904:16, Wed 05 Dec by Bornite
The Last Kitsune (Tiny d6 / Anime / IC)   [last]Yozi321:55, Tue 04 Dec by Yozi
[Marvel Heroic] Alternate Earth MCU Avengers   [last]badpenny521:56, Mon 03 Dec by badpenny
IC: Enter the magical VR 3-Day endurance XP raceDarkLightHitomi001:53, Mon 03 Dec by the author
VtR - Ascendancy or Endless Nights   [last]Steeldragon05505:06, Sun 02 Dec by Knight_Vassal
IC: Fast-paced over the Holidays game.   [last]LunarKitty820:56, Sat 01 Dec by modestmouse
Advice: Long-running niche games and the ol' RPoL Vanish   [last]tibiotarsus1008:59, Sat 01 Dec by nauthiz
IC: Slow-Paced Rogue Trader Campaign   [last]Jhaelan906:38, Sat 24 Nov by Jhaelan
Moved: Tips on Successful Game AdvertisingTalon015:54, Sun 18 Nov by the author
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