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need help naming and giving a cost to a merit   [last]Azraile708:03, Yesterday by Sharazaar
Moved: Free form gameSharazaar007:29, Yesterday by the author
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Scion game concept- centered on eastern pantheons IC   [last]gladiusdei1222:58, Fri 19 Jan by gladiusdei
Post Apocalyptic Western   [last]Faceplant1006:04, Fri 19 Jan by mediiic
IC M &M 2e Freedom City meets Voyager game   [last]Rothos1504:04, Fri 19 Jan by Rothos1
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Black Crusade Apocrypha: Deed, Not Word   [last]Raiu1207:55, Mon 15 Jan by Retias
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sub-plot brainstorming for a mage game   [last]Azraile1017:10, Sat 13 Jan by engine
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IC: Fledgling Heroes Using Fate Accelerated   [last]JxJxA1804:02, Thu 11 Jan by JxJxA
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[IC] Shadowrun 3e   [last]Big Brother614:56, Tue 09 Jan by Big Brother
W20 and/or Changing Breeds interest check   [last]gladiusdei500:17, Sun 07 Jan by gladiusdei
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