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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
[Advice/Interest D&D 3.5]   [first|last]Ravidge2502:48, Today by Ravidge
One game to try out them all...   [last]billiam401:05, Today by billiam
Warehouse 13 meets Cabin in the WoodsSeanoftheUndead021:17, Yesterday by the author
Maid RPGCadrac012:47, Yesterday by the author
alignment variant d&d 3.5   [first|last]Ravidge4910:18, Yesterday by JRScott
IC: Cypher System - Predation   [last]Isida KepTukari401:36, Yesterday by CrazyIvan777
5e West Marches Game - Xen'drik (Eberron)   [last]flelm1106:37, Thu 22 Feb by kbdevil1a
D&D Basic 5E   [last]Unknown Blitz1305:58, Thu 22 Feb by Unknown Blitz
Dreampark (sort of)   [last]Faceplant1017:54, Wed 21 Feb by Faceplant
GURPS Doctor Who (ish)   [last]Faceplant100:29, Wed 21 Feb by Faceplant
IC- Freeform game based on semi-fantasy Scotland/Northern Eu   [last]gladiusdei920:57, Mon 19 Feb by CaesarCV
Mutant Year Zero: Big City Blues   [last]Raiu323:52, Sun 18 Feb by Raiu
IC: beat-em-up "Streets Of Rage" style game   [last]T.S.503:00, Sat 17 Feb by T.S.
IC: Atomic Highway   [last]Robotron1018:43, Fri 16 Feb by Robotron
+ + + Shadowrun[Backslash]EotE + + +   [last]modestmouse112:15, Fri 16 Feb by Hendell
Question for Freeform gms and players- resolving power level   [first|last]gladiusdei3605:37, Thu 15 Feb by Alex Vriairu
+ + + Rogue Trader + + +   [last]modestmouse1315:26, Tue 13 Feb by Arbentur
IC: Sandbox Pathfinder in Taldor 8th lvl   [last]rlovie905:28, Tue 13 Feb by kbdevil1a
IC GURPS, what edition? for possible paranormal/psychic game   [last]gladiusdei322:12, Mon 12 Feb by Faceplant
Dragon Ball Ultimate   [last]Unknown Blitz301:28, Sat 10 Feb by Unknown Blitz
Frustration with inaction   [last]engine717:54, Fri 09 Feb by Aslanii76
IC: Dragon Age (Green Ronin)   [last]silverelf1617:13, Fri 09 Feb by silverelf
IC: Into the Heart of the Dragon (Modified DW) Sandbox   [last]steelsmiter305:04, Thu 08 Feb by steelsmiter
IC: Slayers - A World In Chaos (a BTVS themed game)   [last]allworth622:40, Wed 07 Feb by allworth
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