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Interest Checks - Various Games   [last]DaniM1110:55, Sun 16 Sept by Lord Caladin
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3.5 Classic D&D in KOK setting   [last]Lord Caladin422:21, Wed 12 Sept by Lord Caladin
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IC: Fate Accelerated Supers   [last]FatePirate213:04, Mon 10 Sept by FatePirate
IC: Star Trek game...   [last]liblarva1003:20, Thu 06 Sept by Syrris
IC: Ravenloft / Cthulhu West Marches game...   [last]liblarva1021:20, Wed 05 Sept by liblarva
Savage Worlds (zombie?) post-apocalypse game ideas   [last]Samus Aran1401:15, Tue 04 Sept by Samus Aran
IC: Star Wars West Marches game   [last]seraphmoon1400:45, Tue 04 Sept by Finlos
IC: Legacy - Life Among the Ruins 2E   [last]OrbitalLaser321:16, Mon 03 Sept by kbdevil1a
Cyberpunk2020: Riverside Memorial Hospital   [last]Rockwolf66721:13, Sat 01 Sept by Rockwolf66
For players looking to ACTUALLY finish a long PbP Adventure   [first|last]Knell3117:10, Fri 31 Aug by bigbadron
IC: Changeling the Dreaming in Portland, OR   [last]liblarva405:15, Fri 31 Aug by modestmouse
Traveller RPG Character Creation help   [last]Gamergirl1711:40, Thu 30 Aug by Altho
Urban Fantasy Reincarnation Game   [last]CaesarCV2117:08, Tue 28 Aug by CaesarCV
Fanfic: The Game   [last]Tortuga1214:26, Mon 27 Aug by Tortuga
IC: Play different aspects of the same character   [last]Dr. Mindermast615:02, Sun 26 Aug by Dr. Mindermast
Interest Check - Eberron General Hospital: City of Towers   [last]atminn2016:21, Sat 25 Aug by atminn
IC: The Detour - a 5e game   [last]That Guy With The Face921:35, Wed 22 Aug by That Guy With The Face
IC: Freeform Canon Multigenre Doctor Who Crossover Game   [last]12th Doctor517:02, Wed 22 Aug by 12th Doctor
Interest Check: DFRPG Las Vegas Setting   [last]Lance WH415:27, Wed 22 Aug by Arenlor
IC:2nd Edition AD&D  [Forgotten Realms]   [last]belovedshadows2101:30, Tue 21 Aug by belovedshadows
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