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IC: Dark Fantasy (Zweihander?)   [last]swordchucks517:10, Thu 12 July by swordchucks
[IC] Torg: Eternity   [last]Gatecrasher702:58, Thu 12 July by Gatecrasher
Galactic Apocalypse Sandbox Game   [last]Surgere1406:09, Sun 08 July by Surgere
NWoD Vampire Requiem - before god machine.   [last]Catch22218:56, Sat 07 July by Catch22
IC: A Grand Pilgrimage through Post Apocalyptic Fantasy   [last]CaesarCV318:54, Sat 07 July by CaesarCV
IC: nWoD Vampire Chicago   [last]baxtheslayer908:23, Sat 07 July by Rook Seidhr
Modern city map generator   [last]creegun1005:12, Sat 07 July by NowhereMan
[IC] Invisible SunIsida KepTukari004:02, Sat 07 July by the author
[Interest Check] 4th Edition D&D The Slaying Stone   [last]engine614:07, Fri 06 July by engine
Gauging interest; (5e) 3 to 5 players.   [last]Feycromancer1106:15, Fri 06 July by Studynot
[Interest Check] 4th Edition D&D Dungeon Exploration   [last]engine121:22, Thu 05 July by LonePaladin
Bloodbowl-Black Crusade?...   [last]Lukey771019:25, Thu 05 July by 12th Doctor
Interest Check - Massive Pendragon Campaignthattripletguy022:25, Tue 03 July by the author
IC: 3d6 Supers   [last]badpenny518:04, Tue 03 July by badpenny
Thoughts please?   [last]Warforged83219:20, Mon 02 July by Warforged83
Gauging interest.Warforged83003:49, Mon 02 July by the author
IC: Talislanta, 3rd edition   [last]Radnoff516:36, Thu 28 June by Radnoff
IC- 3.5 gestalt eberron- Expedition team to Xendrik   [last]gladiusdei506:29, Thu 28 June by gladiusdei
IC: God game; either dX or D&D 3.5 Immortal Handbook   [last]V_V613:35, Sun 24 June by mole75
2032: Colonize Alpha Centauri   [last]Malakhon417:00, Sun 17 June by Malakhon
Ideas re: crime city game   [last]LordIce523:50, Sat 16 June by steelsmiter
Crusader Kings RPG   [last]Malakhon1606:20, Fri 15 June by Jhaelan
Wraith: The Oblivion- Harrowing, or Catharsis?   [last]Wyrm315:30, Sat 09 June by Big Brother
Willing to run a fantasy game.   [last]pacalpaz600:25, Thu 07 June by pacalpaz
New to GMing   [last]riki.joat1200:07, Thu 07 June by riki.joat
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