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Notice: Posting Style Guidelines (group 0)The Fool023:27, Tue 16 Sept 2014 by the author
Character Sheet and RTJ (group Z archive)   [last]Empress of Heaven218:38, Sun 17 May 2015 by The Fool
MERETOILES: The Three Moons (group A archive)   [last]The Fool114:44, Wed 29 Apr 2015 by Halley
Welcome to Xiaokang City! (Game Introduction & Setting) (group A archive)   [last]The Fool100:07, Sun 19 Apr 2015 by The Fool
Lotus City, Canary Command - The Hendecagon (group A archive)   [first|last]The Fool10003:22, Tue 14 Apr 2015 by Mei Shen
OOC Chat: The Lounge of Existential Dread (group A archive)   [first|last]Empress of Heaven96801:43, Tue 03 Mar 2015 by Dr. Etheric
NEW WORLD ORDER: SETTING & RULES (group A archive)   [last]The Fool708:15, Sat 03 Jan 2015 by The Fool
MAPS (group A archive)The Fool019:04, Thu 01 Jan 2015 by the author
REALM: En-Shu, the Sacred Mount (group A archive)   [last]The Fool1316:38, Sun 28 Dec 2014 by Little Empress Mei Shen
REALM: Meretoiles, the Sidereal Observatory (HALLEY) (group 1 archive)   [first|last]The Fool12307:52, Thu 25 Dec 2014 by Halley, Twilight Princess
REALM: L'Baroque, the Gothic Asylum (DR. ETHERIC) (group A archive)   [first|last]The Fool5707:44, Wed 24 Dec 2014 by Dr. Etheric, Honorary Emotional Consultant
EO SECRET: Jemani, The Scrawlland (Tamma & Talen) (group 1 archive)   [last]Empress of Heaven1906:48, Tue 23 Dec 2014 by Dr. Etheric, Honorary Emotional Consultant
REALM: The Dire Waste of Embeth (DIERANA) (group A archive)   [last]The Fool1821:37, Mon 22 Dec 2014 by The Fool
RP WORLD: Xiaokang City, Xiaokang (group A archive)   [first|last]The Fool4018:46, Tue 16 Dec 2014 by Halley, Twilight Princess
REALM: The Basin of Dragonflies (group A archive)   [last]The Fool1316:01, Tue 16 Dec 2014 by Na'cair of Living Fibres
REALM: Eleband, the Sunken Isle (Jin Hu Li) (group A archive)   [last]The Fool2116:19, Sat 13 Dec 2014 by Jin Hu Li of the Sealed Deal
REALM: Valley of Radiant Fabric (NA'CAIR) (group A archive)   [first|last]The Fool6819:05, Wed 12 Nov 2014 by The Fool
//WEAVE.NET//MAIN/ (group A archive)   [last]The Fool1920:09, Mon 03 Nov 2014 by The Fool
The Dharma of Eleven Doors (Rulebook) (group Z archive)   [last]The Fool107:30, Fri 31 Oct 2014 by The Fool
REALM: Tai-Shain, The Bridge of Heaven and Earth (MEI SHEN) (group A archive)   [first|last]The Fool8922:03, Wed 22 Oct 2014 by The Fool
RP SPECIAL: The Sky-Temple of Xi (group A archive)The Fool021:35, Sat 13 Sept 2014 by the author
RP WORLD: The Weft (group A archive)   [last]The Fool501:56, Fri 05 Sept 2014 by Mei Shen, The Booted Tigress
REALM: Hui Hai, The Ashen Sea (TIAN MARONG) (group A archive)   [last]The Fool406:09, Sat 02 Aug 2014 by The Fool
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