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Closed Roll Call and OOC for the City of the Spire. (public)   [first|last]Planer Guide46512:22, Sun 04 June by The Chronicler
Closed City of the Spire (public)   [first|last]caravan master36818:30, Mon 15 May by Stoneleaf
Closed Planer Nexus Info & Rule Thread (public)   [last]Planer Guide700:21, Sun 02 Apr by Planer Guide
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Closed Unending Depths of Darkness - Game Thread (public)   [first|last]Headgames24610:55, Mon 06 Mar by Byren Bloodaxe.
Closed OOC Thread - Faerūn  Game (public)   [first|last]The Chronicler21710:54, Mon 06 Mar by Brianna
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Closed Raiders of the Dales - Game Thread (public)   [first|last]The Chronicler31501:01, Sun 19 Feb by Blaive Hammerstone
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Unending Depths of Darkness (public)Headgames014:27, Sun 15 Jan by the author
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