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Notice: [GM] Status (group 0)GM011:25, Tue 16 Jan by the author
Notice: [GM] Szabályok (group 0)GM009:15, Mon 25 Dec 2017 by the author
[OOC] Alaric Davidson megalkotása (group 0)   [first|last]GM3512:56, Today by Alaric Davidson
[OOC] Társalgó (group 0)   [first|last]GM17508:27, Tue 20 Mar by GM
[OOC] Kampany, Helyszin, Csoport megbeszelesek (group 0)   [last]GM2011:19, Mon 19 Mar by GM
[OOC] Tiffany Green megalkotása (group 0)   [last]GM1818:27, Sun 18 Mar by Tiffany Green
[OOC] Guston Roux megalkotása (group 0)   [last]GM2122:35, Wed 14 Mar by GM
[GM] Információk (group 0)   [last]GM516:17, Wed 14 Mar by GM
[OOC] Kaland és karakterek megbeszélése (group 0)   [first|last]GM10120:52, Mon 12 Mar by GM
[OOC] Dresdenverse ismertető (group 0)   [last]GM812:22, Sun 25 Feb by GM
[GM] Baltimore információk (group 0)   [last]GM222:16, Wed 21 Feb by GM
[OOC] Lawrence Chaney megalkotása (group 0)   [first|last]GM5713:57, Wed 21 Feb by GM
[GM] DFA probalkozasok (group 0)   [last]GM722:27, Sun 11 Feb by GM
[GM] Venture city probalgatasok (group 0)   [last]GM1510:58, Thu 13 July 2017 by GM
[GM] Meryl DFRPG vs DFA (group 0)   [last]GM322:29, Sun 12 Mar 2017 by GM
[OOC] Compel javaslatok (group 0)GM022:13, Tue 06 Dec 2016 by the author
[OOC] Baltimore - Személyiségek (Megbeszélés) (group 0)GM022:05, Mon 17 Oct 2016 by the author
[OOC] Baltimore - Helyek (Megbeszélés) (group 0)GM022:03, Mon 17 Oct 2016 by the author
[OOC] Stilus es vilag megbeszelese (group 0)   [last]GM2312:40, Tue 11 Oct 2016 by GM
[GM] Arth megalkotása (group 0)   [last]GM322:23, Wed 14 Sept 2016 by GM
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